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Smart Live Casino

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BonusBonusBonus does not recommend this casino!
Use at your own risk!

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Casino Games

Currently, Smart Live Casino offers approximately 160 exciting casino games so there is surely something to be found for everyone’s taste. Next to classic table games such as Blackjack (Black Jack), Roulette, Craps, Baccarat or Casino Hold’em, the repertoire also includes animated slots and video slots. Video poker fans also get their money’s worth. From Jacks or Better to All American and Deuces Wild, the selection of video poker games has something for everyone.

More than just Casino Games

But that's still not all. The collection of games at Smart Live Casino offers much more than what regular virtual casinos offer. In addition to casino classics, Smart Live also offers Bingo, Keno, numerous scratch cards and Hi-Lo (Hi Lo) games (where you bet and try to guess, for example, whether the next number is rolled is higher or lower). What is more, Smart Live Casino offers players a blast to the past by providing card games such as Top Trumps, skill games and dice games.

Top Trumps and Skill Games

Who hasn’t experienced this: a long car ride with the family, the landscape going by gradually becomes boring and the kids want to be entertained. What could be better than a game of Top Trumps? A popular comparison game is available for a variety of different themes; the most popular of which are based on the world of sports. For such a pack, the numerical data of a famous athlete of various sports printed on each card (such as height, weight, goals in international games) is compared. The starting player selects a category from his or her topmost card that he or she thinks is unbeatable and this is then compared with the others. This simple card game is still popular amongst the young and old and new packs are continually being brought onto the market. In today’s fast-paced society, hardly anyone takes time out to play such a traditional game. This is why Smart Live Casino brings the classic Top Trumps to the screen—ideal for a quick game during the coffee break at work, or just for fun when you need some downtime. Of course, you also have the option of playing Top Trumps for money, which makes the game even more exciting! You have the choice between six interesting Top Trumps themes, including football Legends, celebrities, and military jets. All of the games can be played for real money or play money.

The skill games at Smart Live Casino are also worth mentioning. Agility, logic and instinct are required. Don’t rely on luck alone; instead you can rely only on yourself.

The Smart Live Specialty: Roulette

Smart Live Casino specializes in roulette and offers many variants of this traditional casino game. What Smart Live is best known for are their one-of-a-kind live roulette games. Three different roulette games are broadcast live on the SKY Channel and the Freeview Channel on a daily basis: the Live Show, Auto Roulette and High Roller Auto Roulette.

1. Live Show

Smart Live Casino’s biggest attraction is the famous Live Show. Every day between 5 pm and 5 am (GMT), Live Roulette is played on Sky Channel 869. The show is moderated by a member of the friendly team of presenters—who guarantee a good time. The team of presenters is comprised of attractive ladies and irresistibly charismatic gentlemen, who make this popular casino game even more exciting than it already is and add a little bit more flavour to your casino experience. The show is broadcast on the Freeview Channel 22 daily from 1 am to 3 am (GMT).

Roulette isn’t the only attraction on the Live Show. The cool, good-humoured presenters always come in twos (a main moderator and a professional dealer). They tell funny anecdotes, crack jokes, tease one other, read e-mails from their viewers out loud and celebrate with the winners. It’s almost as if you’re watching your favourite soap opera but with the advantage that you can join in and win cash by playing!

How can I take part in the Live Show?

You can sign-up for the Live Show via e-mail (, on the Smart Live Casino homepage or by phone. Participants play over the phone or online. The names of the players, as well as their wagers (in British pounds), are displayed in a table. In no way does the Live Show focus only on roulette pros. Each presenter explains the rules of the game at the beginning of their shift and they continually provide information throughout the show. An explanation of the different betting options is displayed on the bottom of the screen. A clock shows the amount of time left in each round for players to place their chips. Disco music entertains viewers while the roulette wheel is spinning. The producers of the Live Show have really thought of everything to bring the perfect casino atmosphere into your living room!

If the idea of the Live Show thrills you, but you don’t want to play for real money, then you can also play with a "Smart Fun Account." All you have to do is call the international toll-free number 00800 851 00 851 (or 0800 279 85 10 from Britain and 0080 012 6863 from Greece) and you get 500 so-called "Fun Chips," with which you can play on the Live Show. If you want to open a real money account and play live on Live Show, you don’t have to invest a fortune. A first deposit of £/€/$ 20 is all you need to be able to take advantage of the BonusBonusBonus welcome bonus

For questions regarding the show, real money players can chat online with one of the friendly and competent customer service staff members.

2. Auto Roulette

Auto Roulette is also a live game broadcast on TV, but with an automatic roulette wheel and without a presenter. Outside of the Live Show broadcast times, you can watch the Auto Roulette games on Sky Channel 869 and/or play along.

High Roller Auto Roulette is broadcast around the clock on Sky Channel 870. The maximum table limits here are £/€/$ 3,000!

3. Online Roulette

Of course, you can also play “normal” Roulette like at other virtual casinos, at Smart Live Casino. At Smart Live Casino, possibly the oldest modern casino game in the world is offered: French Roulette.
The already enormous and varied selection of casino games is constantly being updated. It is very important to Smart Live Casino to be able to continually offer their customers the newest of the new. Soon, there will also be a moderated Black Jack Live Show, unfortunately only online. 


The wager and table limits at Smart Live Casino are very broad and bring entertainment and excitement to hobby players as well as professional gamblers. At several table games you can even choose the limits you want to play at; Blackjack for example, is offered at five different limit levels. The lowest of the levels is £/€/$ 0.10 - £/€/$ 5 and the highest is £/€/$ 25 - £/€/$ 500. A similar selection is offered for other table games. For slots, video slots and video poker games, the wager minimum is between £/€/$ 0.01 and £/€/$ 0.10. The wager minimum for Top Trumps, skill games, scratch cards and Hi Lo games is £/€/$ 0.10.

At the Roulette Live Show, the minimum wager is £/€/$ 1 and the maximum table limit is £/€/$ 1,500. Players who like to play for higher stakes get their money’s worth at the High Roller Roulette table with table limits between £/€/$ 5 and £/€/$ 3,000. 

Minimum bet Maximum bet Table limit
Video Poker £0.01  £10   
Slots £0.10  £2   
Keno £1  £5   
Casino Holdem £1  £100   
Three Card Poker £0.10  £500   
Red Dog £1  £100   
Let it Ride £0.10  £500   
Blackjack £0.10  £500   
Roulette £0.10  £3,000   

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