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Bet365 Poker School

Bet365 Poker School offers new players all the necessary tools to start playing the game at a competitive level. Before introducing you to the rules of poker, Bet365 explains how to download and install the poker software and how to use its features. The Poker School section begins with poker basics, and goes on to discuss the importance of bankroll management, poker etiquette and knowing your limits. After completing this module, you’ll know exactly how much of your bankroll you should play, which poker variations are more suitable for beginners, and how to behave in a proper manner, whether you play online or a brick and mortar casino. Bet365 also provides you with a list of poker abbreviations commonly used on forums or in live chats. 



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Bet 365 Newplayer Bonus!Once you complete the poker school it’s time to enroll at Poker University. Yes, you’ve read it right; bet365 offers you the opportunity to acquire deep poker knowledge, by providing a fully animated and divided into lessons course. As you progress through Poker University, not only you develop your game, but also receive rewards including poker tokens, freerolls and merit points. The university course is structured in three modules: Hold’em basics, beginner strategy and advanced strategy. At the end of each module you can take a quiz to assess your progress.

The Hold’em Basics section explains the game rules, poker hand ranking, game types and tournaments.
The second module shows you which starting hands you should play, and how your table position influences these decisions. Here you also learn to read better your opponents and anticipate their actions. You are given tips on how to adjust your poker strategy depending on the table’s overall game style and your opponents’ moves in the betting rounds. The module ends with a list of common poker mistakes you should avoid at all costs such as playing too many marginal hands from week position, not taking risks from strong position and bluffing in a company of unskilled players.
The Advanced Strategy lessons take you through the mathematics of poker and teach you how to calculate outs odds and pot odds. They also offer strategies on how to steal and defend the blinds, and explain how a balanced bankroll management helps you stay in the game. The last lesson is all about bluffing and the right and wrong situations to employ this trick.

Besides the Poker School and Poker University, you will find a page dedicated to hand ranking and a category featuring different variations of poker and their rules. Each variation comes with beginner, intermediate and advance guides. If you want to strengthen the knowledge obtained at Poker University, consider reading some of the articles.

Now it’s the perfect time to learn playing poker and join millions of enthusiasts at online poker tables. If you think you’re ready to master the most popular card game in the world, bet365 Poker School will be your best teacher.


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