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Best Online Slots Casinos

Cleopatra Slot machines are the mainstay of every casino and online casinos are no exception. Online slots operate under the same principle as those found in live casinos – you spin the reels and if the right symbols line up you win cash! However, online slots have a variety of other features and great graphics that add to the excitement. To help you on your search for the best online slots around we have carefully compared the bonus offers, payment options, software, security and customer support for many respectable and trustworthy online casinos and put together a list of our favourites and we’re positive that you will be satisfied by our selection. We at BonusBonusBonus have the mission to make a player's wish come true. To achieve that, we used our experience and business skills and came up with fantastic bonus offers for new players. All you need to do is register through our site and enjoy the new generation of online casinos.

Best Online Slots
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Many online casinos offer you the option to play these amazing games directly on their website (Instant Play), but you can also download the entire casino software (in most cases the download version contains extra games and offers graphics, sound effects and lots of game customization options). More often than not you can find hundreds of different slots per casino, all thrilling in their own way, in a wide variety of formats, starting from the vintage Classic 3 Reels slots with 1 to 5 pay lines and finishing with the modern 5 Reels 50 line games. Online slot machines, just like their land-based counterparts, use a random number generator to determine the outcome of a spin, ensuring complete fairness. With the bonus offers we’ve secured our players at the casinos listed above, there’s never been a better time to spin the reels!

Jackpot Capital 250x250

The future of gambling now

More often than not you can find hundreds of different slots per casino, all thrilling in their own way. Compared to the slots that you find in brick and mortar casinos, online slots have a far better pay out rate and better and higher jackpots. Every gambler dreams of winning that life-changing jackpot and who wouldn’t want to live that amazing feeling of hitting the big one? There have been quite a few especially lucky players over the years that have won millions by playing at the popular progressive jackpot slot machines

The online progressive jackpot starts from a minimum amount (for example, $1,000,000 for Mega Moolah) and it increases gradually, as a certain percentage of every bet played on these machines is added to the pool. Since more casinos can be part of a certain network, all their users who play that game contribute to the jackpot, and this way the prize can reach into millions. A mandatory requirement for receiving the jackpot, if you are fortunate enough to win it, is to play the maximum bet allowed for that specific game, so be careful not to throw away the chance of a lifetime by not putting in an extra coin.

Know your Slot games

In comparison to games like Roulette or Blackjack, there is no proven mathematical strategy for winning at slots, since these games are, by definition, a game of chance and the outcomes are absolutely random. However, you can increase your chances by carefully choosing your game and by playing with discipline, by setting limits and sticking to them. Each slot game comes with its unique set of symbols, bonus rounds and pay lines, so understanding and learning its rules will give you a better chance of winning. Having more reels than traditional slot machines, online slots are equipped with varying symbols, including "scatter" symbols, multipliers and wildcard symbols. Some games also have "bonus screens" and gaming features with which players can stake their entire win for the opportunity to potentially multiply it. Since most casinos offer a free play mode, we recommend that you practice the game before putting your money at stake. After you consider that you are familiar enough with the game, and that you are ready to start playing for real money, we strongly advise you to keep focused on bankroll management. Keep in mind that the casino has an advantage over you, so always gamble only with money you are prepared to lose in order to prevent impulsive and emotional betting. Also, choose your game according to its payout rate - the higher this is the more chances you have to stay in play longer and catch that huge jackpot.

In conclusion, we would like to point out that all casino games, slots included, are meant for fun and relaxation, with the added bonus of cash wins. If you can see things in this perspective, we are sure that your gaming experience while playing online casino games will be a pleasant one and, lose or win, your spirits will remain positive. With the bonus offers we’ve secured our players at the casinos listed above, there’s never been a better time to spin the reels!


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