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About Bingo Jackpot

Bingo Jackpot is a progressive jackpot developed by Top Game which features two games: Bingo Slot 3 lines and Bingo Slot 25 lines.

As you might have guessed, the theme of the slots is the bingo game, only this time combined with the classic slot machines and the impressive progressive jackpot!
The famous bingo balls are there, and so is that perky music so commonly associated with bingo. You can select your own background music, so you can concentrate as much as possible. Top Game thought about introducing two versions because not all players are risk takers, and the 3-line version offers less tension than the 25-line one.


Game type: Slots
Min. jackpot: $ 75,000.00
Live jackpot: $ 1,924,642.38
Practice Mode: Yes




Average Jackpot Win: $ 0.00
Average Time Between Hits: n/a
Last jackpot size: $ 0.00
Jackpot hit the last time: n/a
Last winner name: n/a



Reels, Paylines, Bets

The differences between the two versions are the available paylines (while one has 3, the other has 25), the maximum bet ($ 15 and $ 125, respectively) and prizes which will be discussed shortly.

Coin value ranges from $ 0.01 to $ 5, so you can start the game with as low as $0.01. You can also choose to play the game for free, although no earnings will be collected.

The image in the background of the games is the bingo score card, and the symbols used are bingo balls numbered from 1 to 8, the purple ball, the golden ball and the bonus ball for Bingo Slot 25 Lines, while Bingo Slot 3 Lines has bingo ball symbols with one, two or three bars, an 8-ball, a smiley face and a Wild, purple ball.

In the Bingo Slot 25 Lines game, there is a wild symbol (purple ball), a scatter symbol (golden ball) and a bonus symbol (bonus ball).
The wild symbol can substitute for all the other balls except the scatter and bonus symbols.
The scatter symbols, when 3 or more appear on the screen, will offer you up to 50 free spins! The scatter wins are multiplied by your total bet and added to your total earnings. However, you need to bet max ($ 125) in order to enable the free spins.
The bonus feature consists of a number of free spins according to the number of scattered symbols you have collected. You can win a maximum and a minimum number of coins according to how many Bonus Symbols you have collected.

Payout Schedule

The payout schedule differs for each version.

For the Bingo Slot 25 Lines game, the payout is the following:

Symbol 2 Symbols
3 Symbols
4 Symbols
5 Symbols
 1-Ball / 520  100
 2-Ball / 1030 150
 3-Ball / 1540
 4-Ball / 2050 250
 5-Ball / 2560
 6-Ball 2 30 100 500
 7-Ball 5 40 200 800
 8-Ball 10 50 500 3,000
 Scatter / 7 Free Spins
 20 Free Spins
 50 Free Spins
 Wild / / / Jackpot
 Bonus / 24 - 120
 120 - 600
 1,200 - 6,000


The payout schedule for the 3-line version is much simpler, as the game does not have a common Bonus or a Scatter symbol.
There is only a Wild multiplier symbol that substitutes for all other symbols, and which can get you that big progressive jackpot you’re hoping for. You have to collect the wild symbol 3 times on all three paylines in order to receive the jackpot. If you collect them on one payline, you get 1,000 coins, while 3 symbols on two paylines are worth 3,000 coins.

Except for the smiley faces and the mix of 1-Bar, 2-Bar or 3-Bar balls, the other combinations require 3 symbols of the same kind in order to pay out. With one smiley face you get 1 coin, for two smileys you receive 2 coins, while every combination of bars is worth 3 coins.
For the other combinations, here is the payout schedule:

3 Symbols
 Smiley Face
 1-Bar Ball
 2-Bar Ball
 3-Bar Ball
 8-Ball 200

Where to hit the Bingo Progressive Jackpot

You can find both versions of Bingo Slots at Rome Casino and Silverbets Casino. Apart from these two versions, the online casino also offers a Bingo Slot 5-Lines version, very similar to the 3-line version, but it will NOT help you win the progressive jackpot.


The progressive jackpot resets at $ 75,000 and there are no current records of past winners or winnings. However, according to statistics, the two versions of Bingo Slot are the most popular slot games at Silverbets Casino, offering a progressive jackpot of over $ 300,000 in October 2009.


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