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About Caribbean Hold’em

Caribbean Hold'em - learn to play pirate poker and win pirate treasures with this new product of RealTime Gaming! Some people call it “sea water variation of Texas Hold’em”, but apart from a few items that could suggest pirate wars and ventures, the game is a pretty basic version of Texas Hold’em, beautifully placed on a realistic casino table.

Caribbean Hold’em is mainly a poker game between you and the dealer, but this time your cards can not only bring you the pot, but also the huge progressive jackpot that has an average hit of over $ 76,000! Bet wisely and see if you can trick the dealer into winning!


Game type: Card & Table Games
Min. jackpot: $ 10,000.00
Live jackpot: $ 14,108.23
Max. Coins: 1.00
Coin Values: $ 1.00
Practice Mode: Yes




Average Jackpot Win: $ 0.00
Average Time Between Hits: n/a
Last jackpot size: $ 0.00
Jackpot hit the last time: n/a
Last winner name: n/a



Rules and Payout Shedule

Caribbean Hold’em has the same basic rules of Texas Hold’em poker, but the main differences occur in the payout table and in the type of game. Here you don’t play against other players, but against the dealer, and the dealer will bet as much as you will.

The game starts when the player places an “Ante”, a blind so that the game can get going. You are shown three buttons at the beginning of the game: “Fold” (which at the beginning is deactivated), “Bet” (which again, is deactivated) and “Deal”.
After choosing which chips to bet for the ante, you have to click “Deal”. The minimum bet is $ 1 and you can bet up to $ 25.

In order to play for the progressive jackpot, during each game you have to add $ 1 extra to the progressive jackpot by clicking on the skull on the right of the table. You can get your dollar back if you change your mind by clicking again in the same place.

You and the dealer are dealt two cards, the dealer’s cards are faced down, while yours are visible. The flop follows immediately after. This time, you have two options: either Fold or Call. If you fold, the Turn and the River cards are dealt and you can see with which cards the dealer has won. Even if you have a better hand than the dealer, you’ve still folded, and it does not count.

By choosing to Call, you make another bet worth double the ante bet. The dealer naturally checks and then the Turn and the River follow instantly, with no betting round between them. After all five cards are dealt, the dealer shows his cards and the winner is established.
If you win a hand, you generally win the payout for the ante plus even money on the Call bet. However, there are several winning options displayed in the payout schedule: for hands up to and including the Straight the payout is 1 on 1. For a Flush you get 2 to 1, Full House pays 3 to 1, with Four of a Kind you get 10 to 1, Straight Flush pays 20 to 1 and Royal Flush is worth 100 to 1!

The payout schedule for progressive bets is slightly different than the main one. The cards with which you would have gotten 1 on 1 payout stay the same, but everything changes starting from Flush: with a Flush you receive $ 75, a Full House will pay $ 100 and Four of a Kind are worth $ 500. From now onwards, you win percentages of the total progressive jackpot: with Straight Flush you win 10% of the jackpot, while the Royal Flush is worth 100% of the progressive prize!

Where to hit the Caribbean Hold’em Progressive Jackpot

Because Caribbean Hold’em Progressive Jackpot is a video game developed by RealTime Gaming, you can find it at most online casinos that offer this company’s products. At these casinos you can also try the game in practice mode first. We recommend the following:


The Caribbean Poker Progressive Jackpot starts at $ 10,000 and it reaches $ 76,477 on average. It is won every 4 or 5 days, and until November 2009, the biggest payout was $994,207! It’s fun to play, it’s popular and it’s a better way to enjoy poker!


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