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About Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts is a brand new way of winning money and having fun on online casinos. This innovative video game developed by Playtech is dedicated to darts lovers.
You have to use your skills of prediction to bet on where the three arrows are going to hit the dartboard.

The graphics here are wonderful and very useful when you place your bet. You have 19 betting possibilities, and they are all shown with colored lights on the dartboard so that you know where to aim!
Jackpot Darts features 4 progressive jackpots, according to your bet. You can choose to go for the jackpot or just win in-game prizes. The second biggest win is 980 times your initial bet! And considering that the maximum bet is $/€ 100, that’s a lot of money brought to you by arrows and targets!


Software: PlayTech Cyprus
Game type: Arcades
Live jackpot: $ 23,394.19
Practice Mode: Yes




Average Jackpot Win: $ 181,167.03
Average Time Between Hits: 17 days
Last jackpot size: $ 168,671.56
Jackpot hit the last time: 19-07-2010
Last winner name: n/a
Mega Progressive starts at: $ 75,000.00
Major Progressive starts at: $ 50,000.00
Minor Progressive starts at: $ 25,000.00
Mini Progressive starts at: $ 12,500.00



Reels, Paylines, Bets

Jackpot Darts features a regular dartboard, three arrows and 19 betting options. You can place up to 4 different bets per round, and the maximum bet varies according to the stakes involved.
In order to hit the jackpot, you must bet $/€ 0.50, $/€ 1, $/€2 or $/€ 3 and all three arrows have to hit the bullseye. If they do, you’ve won the progressive jackpot correspondent to your initial bet.

Playtech decided to help you win even if you don’t manage to get all three arrows in the bullseye. Therefore, if one arrow hits the bullseye or the outer bull, you receive 20 times your bet, while if two darts hit either the bullseye or the outer bull, you win 2,000 times your initial bet!

You can play for the progressive jackpot by betting in the “Jackpot” tab next to the dartboard. However, if you feel lucky, you can place 3 more bets. The options are:

  • Singles – bets from $/€ 0.10 to $/€ 100, and maximum winnings of 56 times your wager
  • Doubles – bets from $/€ 0.10 to $/€ 100, and maximum winnings of 290 times your wager
  • Trebles - bets from $/€ 0.10 to $/€ 100, and maximum winnings of 980 times your wager
  • Outer Bull - bets from $/€ 0.10 to $/€ 15, and maximum winnings of 64 times your wager
  • Inner Bull - bets from $/€ 0.10 to $/€ 5, and maximum winnings of 125 times your wager
  • Lo/Mid/Hi - bets from $/€ 0.10 to $/€ 100, and maximum winnings of 14 times your wager
  • 1-20 Singles - bets from $/€ 0.10 to $/€ 100, and maximum winnings of 9 times your wager

Since the game offers the opportunity to win big with as low as $/€ 0.50 for the progressive jackpot, a lot of people try their luck each day, helping the jackpot grow. There have been several six-digit prizes so far, and this is enough to motivate players to throw the arrow. But Playtech did not only rely on the prizes, but also on the pleasure of playing Jackpot Darts, which is so different from other online casino games.

Playtech designed the game so that it cannot be played in practice mode. You will just have to throw in that dime in order to experience the thrill of Jackpot Darts.

Where to hit the Jackpot Darts Progressive Jackpot

There are plenty of online casinos that feature Playtech products like Jackpot Darts. We recommend you take a look at the following:


The four progressive jackpots have taken different paths since the game’s release in 2006:

  • Jackpot Darts $/€ 0.50 – The prize starts at $/€ 12,500 and it is won on average every 36 days. The biggest win up to November 2009 was $/€ 39,565.07 on November 11th, 2009.
  • Jackpot Darts $/€ 1 – This jackpot starts at $/€ 25,000 and, like its 50c version, is also won on average every 36 days. Its average hit is $/€ 51,550.47, while the highest payout ever was $/€ 79,183.19 by November 2009.
  • Jackpot Darts $/€ 2 – Its reset value is $/€ 50,000 and on average it has been won on average every 35 days, with an average prize of $/€ 105,492.56. The biggest payout was $/€ 167,281.96 (November 2009).
  • Jackpot Darts $/€ 3 – The biggest of the jackpots, this prize starts at $/€ 75,000, it’s won on average every 42 days, and the average winner takes home $/€ 164,270.91. The biggest hit was $/€ 255,433.78 (November 2009), so there are many chances to end up rich!

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