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About Major Millions

Major Millions is thought by many to be the best progressive game in the online casino world. Plus, it’s among the games that pay out the most, with a $/£/€ 250,000 starting jackpot and a usual jackpot hit of over $/£/€ 400,000. Major Millions is developed by Microgaming and features two versions, with 3 or 5 reels. The progressive jackpot can be won at either of the two versions with as little as $/£/€ 3!

Although the 3-reel version looks like your classic fruit-and-bar slot game, the 5-reel one takes you into the American military world where the Major can help you win big. Align your army on the paylines and fight the odds in an entertaining environment with splendid graphics offered by the internet’s most famous casino software developer, Microgaming! Both versions have a wild symbol that also acts as a multiplier and helps you hit the big jackpot. With so many great features, it comes as no surprise that Major Millions is one of the most sought-after progressive jackpots out there!


Software: Microgaming
Game type: Slots
Min. jackpot: $ 250,000.00
Live jackpot: $ 676,573.62
Reels: 3
Paylines: 3
Coin Values: $ 1.00
Practice Mode: Yes




Average Jackpot Win: $ 58,896.82
Average Time Between Hits: 79 days
Last jackpot size: $ 988,778.06
Jackpot hit the last time: 17-03-2013
Last winner name: n/a



Reels, Paylines, Bets

The 3-reel version features 3 paylines with a fixed coin value of $/£/€ 1. The beauty of the game is found in its winning odds: the slot machine pays out even at collecting one or two of the most common symbol, the cherries. The same goes for Sevens and bars, making the game more exciting and rewarding with every spin. Major Millions 3-reel allows players to choose autoplay, with a fixed bet of one coin per payline, or $/£/€ 1, leading to a maximum bet of 3 coins. The minimum bet is therefore $/£/€ 1 when playing one line, and the maximum is $/£/€ 3.
Among the symbols, you will find the “Major Millions” symbol which, collected three times on the third payout line takes the progressive jackpot right into your pocket! The symbol also acts as a multiplier, increasing your combination value by 2 or 4 times.

With the 5-reel version, the game considerably improves its graphics and payout structure, offering you more chances to win for a fixed coin value of $/£/€ 0.2. A new feature here is the “explosion” scatter symbol, which multiplies your bet up to 50 times! In this version, the “Major Millions” symbol works as a wild, substitute and multiplier symbol, tripling your payline value with each symbol collected. You can bet on any number of paylines up to 15, and the bets range from $/£/€ 0.2 for one payline to $/£/€ 3 for all 15 paylines. Betting max will also give you a chance at hitting the progressive jackpot and substantially increases you chances of winning other prizes worth as much as 8,000 coins!

Payout schedule

The 3-reel version of Major Millions displays 7 symbols and allows you to win by either combining the symbols between them or by collecting a three-of-a-kind on one of the three paylines. The most common symbol is the cherries, which pays 2 coins if collected once, 5 if collected twice and 15 coins if three cherries appear on a payline.
Apart from the cherries, there are three bar symbols: 1-bar, 2-bar and 3-bar. For a payline containing three 1-bar items you receive 15 coins, for three 2-bar symbols you get 20 coins, and 30 coins for three 3-bar on the same payline. You can also mix bar symbols on the same payline and receive 10 coins. The same goes for “Seven” symbols, of which Major Millions features two: a blue seven and a red seven. Three blue sevens yield 80 coins, while the more exclusive red sevens offer 400 coins if collected 3 times. A combination of any “Seven” symbols on the same payline is also possible, paying out 50 coins. But the most sought-after symbol is the wild “Major Millions”, which also acts as a multiplier. One such symbol doubles the value of its payline, while two symbols yield four times the payline’s value. Collected three times on the first payline earns you 25,000 coins, on the second payline 50,000 coins while if you manage to get 3 Major Millions on the third payline you automatically receive the progressive jackpot!
The 5-reel version comes with a new payout schedule, more symbols and more substantial earnings, while keeping the “Major Millions” symbol from the 3-reel version.
There are 12 symbols in the game, which pay out as follows:

SymbolCollected 3 times Collected 4 times
Collected 5 times
 Binoculars 2 coins 8 coins 80 coins
 Bar box 3 coins 10 coins 100 coins
 Military cap 4 coins 12 coins 120 coins
 Medals 5 coins 16 coins 160 coins
 Top secret files 6 coins 12 coins 180 coins
 Tank 8 coins 20 coins 200 coins
 Bomber airplane 10 coins 20 coins 600 coins
 Warship 12 coins 50 coins 800 coins
 Major 15 coins 75 coins 1,000 coins
 Scatter explosion 3x payline value 10x payline value 50x payline value
 Major Millions 80 coins 280 coins 8,000 coins

The “Major Millions” symbol in this version also acts as a substitute for all other symbols except the scatter explosion. It pays out normally if collected on any of the first 14 paylines, while if collected on the 15th payline you automatically hit the big progressive jackpot! For this you must bet maximum, that’s 15 paylines at $/£/€ 0.2 per payline, leading to a $/£/€ 3 maximum bet.

The autoplay function applies to both versions and you can automatically spin the reels 5 or 10 times with your preferred bet. Neither version allows practice play, but on the 5-reel version you can start playing with as little as $/£/€ 0.2 and give a shot at the second best prize of 8,000 coins or $/£/€ 1,600.

Where to hit the Major Millions progressive jackpot

As a Microgaming product, Major Millions is available in many online casinos that collaborate with the big software producer. You will find the same version and progressive jackpot at any casino that offers the game. Here are the best casinos to play Major Millions, taking into account their sign-up bonuses and offers:


The progressive jackpot starts at $/£/€ 250,000 and the average hit is at $/£/€ 630,000. The biggest win ever at Major Millions was in the spring of 2003, when Ron H. won an amazing $ 1,626,184, beating the record set a year earlier in May 2002 by Tony P., who went home with $1,594,649.21. The progressive jackpot made a lot of millionaires since its release and it is won on average each month.


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