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About MegaBall

MegaBall is a mix of 8 slightly different games brought together by one, big progressive jackpot.
This game is very different from your classical idea of slot machines, although the winning mechanism is not very different from other slots. Developed by Playtech, the game relies on guessing numbers (much like your average lottery tickets) and colors, and all the combinations in between!

MegaBall is one of the most popular Playtech games so far, mainly because its design and functionality don’t allow players to get bored. So far it has made many people rich, and even those who didn’t end up winning thousands of dollars certainly enjoyed the game.


Software: PlayTech Cyprus
Game type: Arcades
Live jackpot: $ 349,903.12
Practice Mode: Yes




Average Jackpot Win: $ 104,575.65
Average Time Between Hits: 110 days
Last jackpot size: $ 168,671.56
Jackpot hit the last time: 19-07-2010
Last winner name: n/a



Reels, Paylines, Bets

In all the 8 games available, your objective is to guess the 6-ball winning combination. Each of the games features different kinds of balls, some relying on colors, some on numbers, and some on combinations between them.
Another common feature is that every minute 6 balls are released, and depending on the type of game you select, you might need their colors or numbers in order to get your prize. The betting amount is up to you. However, since Playtech games are not intended for US Players, you can play in all major European currencies (among others, GBP, Euro, DKK).
The games are:

  • Jackpot

There is a fixed betting amount here of € 1. You have to select which 5 balls you think are going to come next, out of the six. You can select a number of repeats for your bet up to 50. This means that the numbers you have chosen are still in the game for 50 games. If you get them right, you go home with the progressive jackpot!

The base jackpot amount is set at € 20,000.

  • Colors

Here, you have to select a color, red, yellow or blue, and estimate how many balls of that color will be randomly selected by the game. You can say that no ball is going to be of that color, or a certain number (up to 6) of the balls chosen is going to be of the color you bet on. If you are right, you receive:

Number of Balls you bet on
Your bet multiplied by
Maximum Bet
Maximum Winnings
 No ball 12.9 € 75 € 967.5
 1 Ball 3.6 € 100 € 360
 2 Balls 2.7 € 100 € 270
 3 Balls 4.2 € 100 € 420
 4 Balls 12.9 € 75 € 967.5
 5 Balls 83 € 10 € 830
 6 Balls 1,450 € 0.75 € 1,087.5

  • Cocktail

Your choices here are much more limited. You have to select between a cocktail and a double cocktail. Selecting cocktail means that you bet at least one red, blue and yellow ball is drawn, while for the double cocktail you bet that two red, blue and yellow balls are drawn.
The normal cocktail pays out 1.2x your bet, with a maximum bet of € 100, while the double cocktail pays 6.7x your bet, with the same maximum bet.
Here, like for the Jackpot game, you have the option to repeat your bet up to 50 times.

  • Sixth

This game challenges you to guess the sixth ball. You can bet a number, in which case the payout is 45 times your bet, or choose a color, multiplying your bet by 2.85. The maximum bet for picking a number is € 25, while for selecting colors is € 100.

  • Steps

This option allows you to choose whether every next ball is higher or lower than the previous. Of course, the balls are picked randomly, so there’s one chance in 680 that you encounter an ascendant or descendant scale in the ball numbers. You can bet up to € 1 and you can win € 680. You can also select to repeat your bet up to 50 times.

  • Numbers

In this game, you have to select up to 4 balls that you think are going to be drawn. You win according to the bet you make and the number of balls you choose, as such:

Number of balls selected Your bet multiplied by
Maximum bet
Maximum winnings
 1 Ball 7.6 € 100 € 760
 2 Balls 71 € 15 € 1,065
 3 Balls 820 € 1 € 820
 4 Balls 12,300 € 0.1 € 1,230

  • First and Last

This interesting game lets you choose whether the first ball is higher than the last or vice versa. The odds are x1.9 for both options, and the maximum bet is € 100, bringing you up to € 190 if you get it right!

  • Total

You have to estimate the total sum of the balls drawn. Here is how it works:

Interval chosen
Your bet multiplied by
Maximum bet
Maximum winnings
 0-50 1,600 € 0.75 € 1,200
 51-100 12.75 € 75 € 956.25
 101-140 2.75 € 100 € 275
 141-160 4 € 100 € 400
 161-200 3.25 € 100 € 325
 201-250 20 € 50 € 2,000
 Higher than 250 5,200 € 0.20 € 1,040


Where to hit the MegaBall Progressive Jackpot

Mega Ball is available at most Online Casinos that use Playtech Software. The best places to try and hit the progressive jackpot are:


On average, the jackpot is hit every 174 days, with an average of more than € 240,000. However, the aforementioned tables show that you can win up to € 2,000 from one spin, therefore the game has made many people happy so far. It’s so easy to win, you just have to bet at least € 0.10 and wait for the outcome!


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