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About Pachislo

Pachislo (Deep Ocean Pachislo) is a very fun slot game brought to you by Random Logic. Although the game concept is similar to other slot games, Random Logic has added some improvements that “personalize” your winnings even more! The distinctive feature about Pachislo is that you decide when each reel stops.

There’s also a huge progressive jackpot involved that starts at $ 12,500 and pays on average over $ 30,000! You will get to know the ocean world better in your quest to hit the jackpot, and the wild multiplier symbols are more than useful for your purpose!

Pachislo is a mixture of Chinese letters and oceanic creatures, all beautifully designed in a game in which the maximum bet is only $ 0.50 / € 0.68! Swim with dolphins, meet mermaids and laugh at turtles while you speed up towards that monstrous progressive jackpot!


Software: Proprietary
Game type: Slots
Live jackpot: $ 24,085.00
Max. Coins: 2.00
Practice Mode: Yes



Video coming soon!


Average Jackpot Win: $ 0.00
Average Time Between Hits: n/a
Last jackpot size: $ 0.00
Jackpot hit the last time: n/a
Last winner name: n/a



Reels, Paylines, Bets

The game Pachislo features a winning grid composed of 3 reels and 1 payline. Pachislo is based on credits which have a fixed value of $ 0.25 / € 0.34. You can bet up to two credits per round and it’s worthy, because prizes sometimes more than double between bets of one and two credits.

There are eight symbols in the game, mostly depicting sea animals, but the creators couldn’t give up on some classic slot symbols. In fact, the two symbols typical to your average slot machine (Seven and Eight) are actually the wild multipliers of this game. Any such item on a payline pays doube the payline’s worth. If you get two of them on the same payline, they pay 4 times more!

The Eights are worth more than the Sevens, not because seven ate nine, but because with three Eight symbols and a maximum bet of $ 0.50 / € 0.68 you automatically win the progressive jackpot!
Three Sevens are also paying out well, 5,000 credits for a bet of $ 0.50 / € 0.68, and 2,000 for a bet of $ 0.25 / € 0.34.

The $/€-amount you win is calculated by multiplying the credits you win with the initial betting amount.

The game is popular for its payout. The maximum in-game prize is 12,500 credits and it can be won with three Eights while betting only $ 0.25 / € 0.34. Another interesting rule that will surely help increase your winnings is the fact that any three symbols will bring you double your bet’s worth, and you can mix symbols to create winning combinations! There are actually mixing options that could bring you up to 2,000 coins.

Where to hit the Pachislo Progressive Jackpot

Random’s Logic online casino is 888 Casino (Casino-on-Net), so you will definitely also find games like Mega Gold and Green, Millionaire Genie and other games there! The online casino has 13 progressive jackpots running which on average sum up to over $ 4 million!


The Pachislo Progressive Jackpot starts at $ 12,500, and until November 2009 it has been won on average every 72 days, with an average hit value of $ 31,652. The largest jackpot was $ 38,648 and so far it hasn’t gone higher because of how easy it is to win it. Dive into a new world and win new thrills and prizes! You will be amazed at how proud you will be of yourself when you stop the reels at a winning combination!


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