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Play Stars and Stripes Jackpot in one of the Online Casinos below
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About Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes is an all-American progressive jackpot, featuring prizes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Developed by Top Game, the game hasn’t had a lucky winner for the jackpot yet, this is mainly due to the relative “young age” of the slot. Released in early June 2009 with a default progressive jackpot of $ 400,000, the popularity of the game helped the jackpot to top $ 900,000 by September 2009.
You can win the jackpot by playing one of the following slot games:

  • Donguie's Delights 9 Lines video slot
  • Fandango's 15 Lines video slot
  • Crazy Pizza 1 Line classic slot
  • Red White Blue 1 Line classic slot
  • Red White Blue 3 Lines classic slot
  • Red White Blue 5 Lines classic slot
  • Sweet Surprise 3 lines classic slot
  • Sweet Surprise 25 lines video slot

With a taste for American history and for quality graphics, Stars and Stripes is a very good example of what the Top Game developers are really capable of. Furthermore, it would have been absurd to release a game portraying the American spirit and not allow Americans to play it.
In fact, Top Game casinos, unlike most online casinos out there, allow the access of US Players. Sit back, enjoy the lovely intro, collect American landmarks and you might get lucky enough to end up rich!


Game type: Slots
Min. jackpot: $ 400,000.00
Live jackpot: $ 1,084,799.50
Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Max. Coins: 25.00
Coin Values: $ 5.00
Practice Mode: Yes




Average Jackpot Win: $ 0.00
Average Time Between Hits: n/a
Last jackpot size: $ 0.00
Jackpot hit the last time: n/a
Last winner name: n/a



Reels, Paylines, Bets

  • Donguie's Delights 9 Lines

This is an American-themed video slot with 5 reels and 9 paylines. The symbols depict american food, symbols and games. The video slot features a bonus, wild and scatter symbol which can greatly increase your earnings.
With three Scatter Cash symbols (the scatter symbol of the game) you get 7 free spins.
The bonus symbol (the Football) can help you win 500 coins if 3 or more are collected on the same payline.
The wild symbol is the American Flag: collect 5 of them and you’re the owner of the progressive jackpot!

Coin value ranges from $ 0.05 to $ 3, and you can bet 1 coin per payline (thus maximum bet is $27).

  • Fandango’s 15 Lines

This video slot has 5 reels and 15 paylines depicted with typical Wild West symbols. The Top Game product features wild (Sheriff’s star), scatter (Dynamite) and bonus (Wanted bonus) symbols.
If you collect 3 or more dynamites you are awarded up to 40 free spins, and the winnings are added to your total credit.
Three Wanted bonus symbols will get you into the bonus round and you can get up to 7 free bonus spins.
The wild symbol helps you win the progressive jackpot: collect 5 of them and you’ve automatically won the big prize, provided you have played every payline. The biggest in-game prize is 600 coins and can be won with 5 Blazing Guns.

  • Red White Blue

Red White Blue 3 Lines is a 3-reel, 3-payline slot game, while its 5 lines version has 3 reels but 5 paylines. Only very few online casinos offer the very rare version with only one payline.

For all versions, coin value is determined by the player, and it can be between $ 0.01 and $ 5.
The Wild Seven is the wild symbol in Red White Blue, meaning that it can replace every other symbol, but the game does not feature a multiplier symbol, a scatter symbol or free spins.
However, the American theme is very well depicted in both versions.

  • Red White Blue 3 Line

    This game features a maximum in-game prize of 3,000 coins which can be won by betting maximum (betting on each payline) and collecting 3 Wild Seven symbols on two paylines. 3 Wild Sevens on one payline will yield 1,000 coins, while on three paylines these symbols are worth the progressive jackpot! You can bet up to 3 coins, so the maximum bet available is $ 15.
  • Red White Blue 5 Line

    In this version, the wild symbol is the same (Wild Seven) and you get 4,000 coins, the maximum in-game prize if you manage to collect 3 such items on four paylines. If you get all three wild sevens on five paylines you’ve won the progressive jackpot (you need to play all 5 paylines with a bet of 1 coin per payline) in order to get the jackpot.
  • Sweet Surprise

Sweet Surprise is also a product of Top Game and it comes in two versions: a 3-line version featuring 3 reels and 3 paylines, and another one with 5 reels and 25 paylines.

This time, Top Game developers haven’t concentrated on the American Landmarks, but on sweets, especially American sweets. It’s a real delight to enjoy the lovely colors and pictures while hoping for the big jackpot! The maximum in-game win is 2,500 coins for the 25-line version and 3,000 for the 3-line version, with coin value ranging from $ 0.01 to $ 5. You can bet one coin per payline, and you can play as many paylines as you wish.

  • Sweet Surprise 25 Lines

    The game has a Wild Symbol (the Lollypop Guy), a Scatter Symbol (the Lollypop Girl) and a Bonus Symbol (the Candy Apple Girl), but no Multiplier Symbol.
    With three Scatter Symbols you win 5 Free Spins, but you can win more spins if you collect more Scatter Symbols. You win the big prize if you collect 5 Wild Symbols (the Lollypop Guy) with a combination of all lines and a maximum bet. The maximum bet here is $ 125, that’s $ 5 for each of the 25 paylines.
  • Sweet Surprise 3 Lines

    In order to win the progressive jackpot in this version you have to collect 3 Chocolate Cake symbols on three paylines and you have to bet maximum, (maximum bet with 3 coins and coin value of $ 5 is $ 15). The wild symbol is the Chocolate Cake which can substitute for every other symbol.

Where to hit the Stars and Stripes Progressive Jackpot

You can win the jackpot by playing any of the five slot games mentioned before. Partner casinos of Top Game offer these games, and we can recommend some of the best online casinos out there:


Since the progressive jackpot was released on the market in early June, no one was lucky enough to hit it (November 2009). The prize is rapidly growing from its starting amount of $ 100,000. However, people may have not won the big jackpot yet, but thousands of players ended up lucky winning lots of coins in the five slot games.

Maybe it’s time for a real winner for the progressive jackpot. Maybe you’re just what the jackpot is looking for, so go online to one of the aforementioned casinos and have a go!


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