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ONLINE KENO - feeling lucky?

Keno is a simple and very popular game that has been played for generations now. Thanks to its simple rules and huge potential payouts, playing this ancient game online guarantees a great gaming experience. Keno has Chinese origins and the legend is that it incorporates some elements from Chinese philosophy: the top half of the Keno board represents the Yin, and the bottom half the Yang.

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The lottery-like gambling game is played on an electronic keno board with little boxes containing the numbers 1 to 80. First you pick up to 10 numbers (sometimes even up to 15) by clicking on the respective boxes on the board. A random number generator then draws 20 numbers and the aim of the game is to predict as many matching numbers as possible. Some online casinos offer wagers starting at $ 0.05, but most providers offer games starting at $ 1. The maximum wager limits vary: most online casinos accept bets up to $ 10, in Party Casino you can wager up to $ 100 per round and at casinos offerd by BET-IBC the betting limits no longer exist. Look out for the versions that have a jackpot attached!

As we did with other online games,we searched for the best casinos featuring Keno, at the same time looking for the most substantial sign-up bonuses for new players, promotions, software quality, casino security, payment options and we strongly recommend the following casinos: 

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SlotoCash RouletteThe rules of the game are extremely simple. Keno is played on a board with little boxes containing the numbers 1 to 80. The objective of the game is to match as many numbers as possible between those picked by you and the 20 numbers drawn by a random number generator. At the beginning of the game you pick your numbers (at least 2 and maximum 10) by clicking on the corresponding boxes on the board. As you select numbers, on the left side of the board appears a list of possible payouts, according to how many numbers you have chosen. Some online casinos offer a “Quick Pick” option which allows you to instantly select 10 random numbers. After you have selected your numbers, you can choose to play just one round or five consecutive rounds. When the round is complete and the 20 numbers are drawn, you can see the results displayed on the right side of the board and right below the amount you have won. You can go on to the next round using the same numbers or by using the “Clear” button you can erase your previously selected numbers and choose new ones. In most online casinos (such as Eurogrand Casino) the wagers start at €/$/£0.10, and the maximum wager limit is €/$/£100.  


How much you win in a round of Keno depends on:

  • How much did you bet in this round?
  • How many numbers did you play in this round?
  • How many of the predicted numbers have been drawn?

As soon as you decide on one or more numbers, casino providers such as Winner Casino usually display possible winnings automatically. The more numbers you choose, the higher the payout you receive if all numbers match. At the same time the payout decreases, if you have wagered on a high amount of numbers and only hit a few.

For example (paytable may vary):

matching numbers
odds for 3 picks
odds for 6 picks
odds for 15 picks
1:1 1:0,5 1:0
1:2 1:1 1:0
1:16 1:2 1:0,5
- 1:3 1:0,5
5 - 1:30 1:1
6 - 1:75 1:2
7 - - 1:5
8 - - 1:15
9 - - 1:50
10 - - 1:150
11 - - 1:300
12 - - 1:600
13 - - 1:1.200
14 - - 1:2.500
15 - - 1:10.000

By doing a simple math calculation, you’ll notice that the maximum winning is a nice round million pounds - 100£ (maximum bet allowed) x 10,000 if you hit all 10 numbers. Not a bad payout for a few clicks…

These rules, payouts and betting limits apply to the most common variation of the game. However, there are many other forms of Keno you can find at online casinos. Use this article as a guideline, read carefully the rules for each variation and we are sure that you will be able to find the way towards outstanding rewards.

History of Keno

Keno was invented more than 2,000 years ago by a Chinese man called Cheung Leung. In those days of the Han dynasty, Chinese characters were drawn on little pieces of paper instead of numbers. White doves would then pick out a couple of those notes from a pile containing more than 120 different characters. This is where the original name of the game, Baige Piao (White Pigeon), derives from. It wasn’t until the 19th century, before Chinese immigrants introduced the game in the US, where the Chinese characters were replaced by numbers and the amount of numbers in the game was reduced to 80 (70 in Europe). Apart from that, the French abbreviation quine (from Quinterne), used as a term for 5 matching numbers in the lottery, was anglicized and turned the game’s name into Keno.

Nowadays, due to the extensive spread of the internet, people all over the world can play Keno from the comfort of their home or even while waiting for the bus or standing in line for groceries shopping thanks to the mobile casino service offered by many popular online casinos.

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