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Online Roulette - Rock and roll

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Roulette means little wheel and is the most traditional and widespread casino game in the world. There are 37 small numbered pockets on this “little wheel” alternately colored red and black, as well as a green pocket for the number zero. The goal in Roulette is to try to guess which pocket a ball will land in once the wheel is spun. In contrast to the European wheel, the American Roulette wheel has an additional 38 pocket with the number Double Zero, which greatly increases the house edge in the American version. Just about every online casino offers its players at least one roulette-version, some casinos like William Hill Casino, for example, provide more than one (Players who register over our site receive a special welcome bonus). More about the three versions of Roulette can be found under:

Online Casinos with Roulette Tables
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How the Game is Played

Once the dealer has asked the players to place their bets, they may place their chips on the game table. Every roulette table has minimum and maximum bets, which must be taken into account when placing a wager. The type of bet made can also impact how high it may be as well (see below). The dealer spins the roulette wheel and rolls the ball on it in the opposite direction the wheel is spun. Players can continue to place bets as the ball spins until the dealer calls "no more bets" or rien ne va plus. Once the ball has come to a halt in one of the wheel’s pockets, the dealer announces its number and color as well as the winning bets.


Betting Options

Bets places on numbered fields are known in Roulette as Inside Bets. Wagers on fields outside of this border are referred to as Outside Bets.

  • Single Bets

    With this kind of bet, the numbers 1-36 are divided into different groups, each with 18 numbers. Players then wager on one or more groups. If the bet is successful, the player receives their wager amount plus 1:1 winnings. If the ball lands on Zero or Double Zero, players receive half of their bet in European Roulette while players in American Roulette lose it entirely.

    • Red / Black (Rouge / Noir)
    • Even / Unever (Pair / Impair)
    • Low (Manqué, 1-18) / High (Passé, 19-36)
  • Multiple Bets

    Type of Bet What Players Bet On
    Payout Rate
    Plein (Full Number)One of the numbers 35:1
    Cheval (Split)
    Two adjacent numbers
    Transversale pleine (Street) Three numbers on a single horizontal line 11:1
    Les trois premiers (First Three)First three numbers (0, 1, 2)
    Carré (Corner)
    Four numbers in a square layout
    Les quatre premiers (First Four)
    First four numbers (0, 1, 2, 3)
    Transversale simple (Six Line)Two adjoining streets
    Douzaines (Dozens)
    First dozen (12P, 1-12), second dozen (12M, 13-24) or third dozen (12D, 25-36) 2:1
    Colonnes (Columns)
    First column (1,4,7,..34), second column (2,5,8,…35) or third column (3,6,9,…36) 2:1

    Detailed descriptions of the exact game rules of each Roulette variation can be found under:

    • American Roulette
    • European Roulette
    • French Roulette

Maximum Betting Amounts

Normally the maximum bet for single bets is set at 1,200 times the minimum bet. For multiple bets, the highest bet is limited to a set amount, so that the casino never has to pay out more than the maximum possible winnings. The following maximums may vary from casino to casino and in this case, apply to a table with a minimum bet of € 10.

Winner Casino

Type of Bet
Maximum Bet (€)
Maximum Winnings (€)
Einfache Chancen
Douzaines, Colonnes
Transversale simple
Carré, Les quatre premiers
Transversale pleine, Les trois premiers

History of Roulette

The origins of Roulette are probably in 17th century Italy. In fact, until around 1900, the game was referred to as Italian Roulette. At that time, the game already included 38 numbers, including Zero and Double Zero. Around the 18th century, the game reached France where it quickly became one of the most popular games of chance. Francois Blanc, who opened the well-known casino in Bad Homburg (now Germany) in 1841, was the first to eliminate the Double Zero, to the joy of his casino’s players. Many casino operators soon followed suit and before long, the Double Zero was no longer found in any European casinos. American casinos continued the original traditional of playing with Double Zero.


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