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Slots (slot machine, fruit machine, poker machine, one-armed bandit) are either manually or mechanically operated and the outcome of the game is determined by the player and his luck. The reels start spinning as soon as the player pulls a lever or presses the spin-button on electronic machines. The aim is to spin the wheels so they stop with a specific sequence of winning symbols on the payline. Every slot machine comes along with a payout table pointing out the winning sequences and the respective prizes.

Compared to mechanical slots, electronic slots are generally more benefitial for the player: in lots of cases the player can set his own limits within a certain range. Many online video slots (modern, electronic slots with animations and integrated bonus games and free spins) require a specific amount of credits that have to be played, but the value of the credits can be set by the player (see below). Just about every online casino offers slots, just like Grosvenor Casino.

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First of all, choose your slot and your personal limit. Most online casinos provide various slots with betting limits ranging from $ 0.01 to $ 100. Many slots have fixed limits and players can bet up to 5 credits per payline and of course the winnings depend on the amount of credits played (see respective payout tables). Please note, that most progressive jackpots can only be hit, if the maximum amount of coins is played (“Bet Max”). See our jackpot ranking to find out which progressive jackpot is worth giving a try right now. Other slots, especially modern video slots, are often based on credits with a certain value. If the value is set by the player, he e.g. pays €/£/$ 10 and receives 100 credits in exchange. He can then bet one ore more credits per payline, depending on the type of slot. Usually, winnings on the pay table are displayed in credits, which are converted to real money for payout. The player’s balance on the other hand is generally displayed in the chosen currency. As soon as you press the according button (e.g. “Spin Reels”, “Bet One”, “Bet Max”), the reels start to spin. After they have come to a hold you immediately see how much you have won. It’s needless to say that online casinos can only offer electronic slots, either designed as classic or video slots.

Winner Classic Slots

Classic slots are generally developed in the style of original one-armed bandits in terms of design and function. Usually, these slots feature 3 to 5 reels and 1 to 5 paylines. Some of the most popular classic slots are:

Video Slots

Most video slots start with a short animation to get players in the right mood for the slot’s theme. Of course you can also skip the introduction if you wish so. Video Slots usually contain 9 to 25 paylines (sometimes even up to 100!), mainly running horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the reels. In order to activate one or more paylines, simply click on the respective numbers next to the paylines. The player decides on the amount of coins he wants to bet per payline and as already mentioned, in modern slots, players can also choose the value of 1 credit themselves. Only activated paylines are compared to the payout table at the end of each round.


When explaining video slots, certain symbols such as scatter and multiplier symbols have to be mentioned. They can be used to complete winning combinations and to multiply winnings. What is more, integrated bonus games allow players to win a large amount of money without hitting one of the most lucrative winning combinations. They are activated through special combinations containing special bonus symbols and a separate game window opens. Basically, the player continues to open little boxes with cash prizes until he hits an empty one. The discovered prizes are added up and transferred to the player’s balance. Sometimes bonus games also result in a certain amount of free spins for the player. Some of the most popular video slots are: Mega Moolah Mega (Microgaming), Queen of the Pyramids (Playtech).

  • Progressive Slots

Even though almost every online casino offers games with individual jackpots, there is nothing more exciting for players than slots connected to progressive jackpots. Progressive slots are connected to other casinos on the same network, allowing the jackpots to rise very quickly and extremely high. Some of the progressive jackpots reach millions of US-Dollars and are ready to change people’s lives.


Slot Tournaments

Jackpot Pinatas

If you want to take part in a slot tournament, always make sure to register in an online casino that offers slot tournaments (e.g. Ladbrokes Casino), as this is a rather unusual thing. Most slot tournaments take place on a regular basis and require a Buy-In, but occasionally you can also attend free slot tournaments without having to pay an entrance fee. Regardless of whether you have paid Buy-In or not, slot tournaments follow a general scheme: After you have registered for the tournament, you receive a specific slot ID number and a fixed time period for playing. As soon as your time has come, simply open the gaming window and wait for a staff member to authorize your game. Every participant receives a certain amount of credits he can use within the given time limit and most online casinos require maximum betting (mainly 3 credits). The winnings are graphically displayed in bar charts and usually they can not be used for further play in the tournament. At the end of the session bar heights are compared, and the player who has accumulated the most credits, wins.

History of Slot Machines

Mechanical as well as electronic slot machines actually all derive from the same machine, the first one-armed bandit Liberty Bell, invented by the German mechanic Charles Fey in 1899. Just like the majority of classic slots today, Liberty Bell contained 3 reels with 10 symbols (including a depiction of the Liberty Bell) on each reel. Any three matching symbols on the payline would reward the player and if the reels all showed the Liberty Bell, the players hit the grand jackpot worth 10 nickels (approx. $ 0.50). After slot machines had been banned in 1902, slot owners turned creative. They remodeled their machines, turning them into coffee- or chewing gum machines and replaced the symbols on the reels with pictures of the content. In those days it was also very common to buy fruit from fruit machines, so with that in mind, the huge number of modern fruit-themed slots depicting motives like the classic cherry does not come as a surprise and the well known BAR-symbol has it’s origins in the early logo of a chewing gum company. In the 1970s slot machines slowly became popular again and more and more casinos started to offer slots with various motives. After the random number generator (RNG) was established in the 1980s, the mode of operation changed completely. Up until then, physical reels had been limited to 25 stops and jackpots never really grew very high as they were frequently hit. After they were replaced by virtual reels the chance of hitting the jackpot decreased, but if you do manage to hit it nowadays, what you get is really worth it.


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