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3 Card Poker / Three Card Poker / Poker Three

Hierarchy of poker hands in 3 Card Poker

Straight Flush
3 consecutive cards of the same suit
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Three of a Kind
3 cards of the same rank
3 consecutive cards of different suits
3 cards of the same suit
2 cards of the same rank and one extra card
High Card
 the card with the highest value in a hand with 3 cards of different rank and suit


Most online casinos such as Winner Casino inform their players about the hierarchy of hands in 3 Card Poker on their website. If you follow our link to Fairway Casino now, you will receive an unrivalled welcome bonus. As soon as all participating players have placed their Ante- and / or Pair Plus wager on the table, everyone at the table receives three cards, which can not be substituted. The dealer’s cards stay covered.

Ante Wager

Now the player has to decide whether he wants to stay in the game or fold his cards. If he chooses the latter, he loses his wager. The game is continued by placing a bet in the height of the first wager (Ante) on the designated area (“Play”) on the table. Now the dealer’s cards are revealed. The player wins, if he can beat the dealer’s hand. The dealer must hold Queen high or better to stay in the game. If he does not qualify, your Ante wager is paid 1:1. If he does play, the better hand wins:

  • If the dealer’s hand loses, the player wins the Ante as well as the Play wager and both are paid 1:1.
  • If the dealer’s hand wins, the player loses his Ante and his Play wager
  • If there’s a tie, nothing happens, as the player’s Ante and Play wager are returned to the player.

Online Casinos with 3 Card Poker
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Pair Plus

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Should the player decide to place an additional Pair Plus wager, the outcome of the bet is not dependent on the dealer’s hand. Instead, the player gets rewarded for holding a pair or better, even if the dealer’s hand is better. The hierarchy of hands (may vary in certain virtual casinos): 

Straight Flush
Three of a Kind

Most online casinos leave it up to the player, whether he wants to place an Ante and / or a Pair Plus wager, but in some the Ante-Bet is obligatory and the Pair Plus optional.

Ante Bonus

Besides the given betting opportunities, most casinos like e.g. Betfair Casino provide an additional Ante Bonus that players receive automatically when they have placed an Ante and their hand shows a straight or better. Like with the Pair Plus option, the outcome of the wager is not dependent on the dealer’s hand. Straight Flush 5:1, Three of a Kind 4:1, Straight 1:1. Please note, that if you fold your cards before the dealer has revealed his, you won’t be eligible for any Pair Plus winnings or the Ante Bonus!

History of 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker was invented by Derek Webb in the 1990s and it was based on the English poker game Brag. It did not take long until Webb established a marketing company called Prime Table Games and got patents for 3 Card Poker in the UK and the US. Today the game is offered in almost any online casino and gets more and more popular by the day.



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