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Betfair Casino


"Betfair prides itself on offering a unique service. The zero lounge continues that tradition by offering the only casino where games can be played with no house edge."


All bonuses you see on our site are not only the best and highest you'll find on the net, but they are only valid for BonusBonusBonus customers!

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Betfair Casino Games

In the Betfair Casino, you will find everything a true casino fan needs: over 40 first-rate casino games provide fun and entertainment for everyone. From classic table and card games such as Blackjack (Black Jack), Baccarat, Craps and Roulette to various video poker variations to exciting, animated "Single Line" and "Multi Line" slot machines and so-called "Soft Games" such as Keno, Hi/Lo games or darts, the sky is the limit in the Betfair Casino. 

Zero Lounge – Games with no House Cut

A unique feature from Betfair is the Zero Lounge. Here, players will find games with no house cut – yes, you read that correctly – no house cut – that is something you will only find at Betfair Casino! With Zero Baccarat, Zero Blackjack, Zero Jacks or Better and Zero Roulette, you can experience gaming excitement with a payout rate within one decimal point of 100% (provided the player is familiar with the rules and strategy of the game). Casino games are designed so that the casino's chances of winning are mathematically a bit higher than those of the player. This percentage is known as the house cut or house edge. This is entirely normal and also necessary so that the casino can cover its operational costs. Betfair Casino is the only casino online that does not calculate any house cut for all games (in the Zero Lounge). 

You may be asking yourself, how is that possible? Betfair Casino simply altered the games so that the house cut is no longer calculated. For example, in Zero Baccarat, the casino reduced the commission charged for winning bets to 2.7%, thus giving their players the best payout rate online. The number “0” has been removed from the Roulette wheel and the rules of Blackjack have also been modified in favor of the player in Zero Blackjack. For a natural suited Blackjack, as well as a 5 card Blackjack, Betfair Casino pays out 2:1. But that’s not enough: Betfair Casino has also developed new versions of video poker and offers their customers the most profitable game of Jacks or Better there is. In Zero Jacks or Better, the bank (the house) has been entirely removed from the game and the payout for a Royal Flush is an unbelievable 22% higher than in all other online casinos. The Main Lounge in the Betfair Casino, where games with a house edge can be found, distinguishes itself with an amazingly large selection of over 40 exciting games. So why not stop by the Betfair Casino, take advantage of the increased chances of winning in the Zero Lounge, indulge in the huge selection of games in the Main Lounge and secure your exclusive Welcome Bonus.

Fair Limits

With various betting limits, Betfair Casino provides excitement and entertainment for every budget. In the Zero Lounge, the minimum bet at table and card games is only € 1 and the maximum wager is set between € 120 and € 700. For Zero Jacks or Better, the stake is fixed at € 1. In the Main Lounge, players have more choices of limits. For table and card games, the minimum stake is between € 1 and € 150 and the maximum limit is as high as € 15,000. For slot machines and video poker games, the limits are between € 0.01 and € 5 per winning line. For Soft Games such as Darts and Keno, you can be in the game with as little as between € 0.10 and € 0.20 and the limits range as high as between € 250 and € 1,000.

Minimum bet Maximum bet Table limit
Slots €0.01  €5   
Keno €0.10  €1,000   
Casino War €1  €3,750   
Three Card Poker €1  €6,000   
Red Dog €1  €3,750   
Pai Gow Poker €1  €2,500   
Craps €1  €6,000   
Baccarat €1  €15,000   
Blackjack €1  €12,000   
Roulette €1  €9,000   

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