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Rating Bookie

Average rating of the bookmaker (grade 1 is the worst, grade 10 the best) of our registered users considering the criteria

  • Customer Support
  • Banking
  • Quotes
  • Number of betting options
 and general satisfaction with the bookmaker.

Bookmaker Types

Bookmakers differ between traditional Bookmakers with fixed odds and Betting Exchanges that have variable odds depending on the standings of the particular event.

  • Traditional bookmaker
    A traditional bookmaker is a company which sets and offers the odds in order to accept wagers on sporting events. The winnings are paid by the bookmakers and winners do not need to pay any commission.

  • Betting exchange
    Betting exchanges are companies which set markets for players to bet against each other. The loser pays money to the winner while the winner pays a commission to the betting exchange (usually 2 - 5% of net winnings on a market). Betting exchanges usually offer smaller margins between the odds.
  • Spread bookmaker
    Spread betting companies make predictions on sports events. The amount the player can win or lose depends on how correct or incorrect he is.


Most bookmakers offer different kinds of Bonuses to attract players to betting with them. The most common Bonuses are:

  • Signup bonus
    Onetime bonus for initial deposits.
  • Reload bonus
    Awarded on follow-up deposits.
  • Referral bonus
    Awarded to players for referring new players.

  • Loyalty Program
    Reward for loyal players

Those bonuses differ in size, calculation and withdraw ability:

  • Cash bonus
    Cash bonuses are calculated as a percentual part of a deposit. To withdraw the money some so-called rollover requirements must sometimes be met (usually means to wager deposit + bonus a few times).
  • Free-play bonus
    Free-play bonuses are free money to gamble with but only the won money is withdraw able.
  • Free bet bonus
    Free bet bonus is a predefined amount of money. It is sometimes withdraw able and sometimes just for free-play.
  • Rebate bonus (Cash back Bonus)
    Rebate bonuses are a relative part of the player’s net losses during a given period of time. The money is simply credited back to the player's betting account.


Betting exchanges charge a commission on the player’s profits (usually 2 - 5% of net winnings on a market). Losers don't pay any commission. Loyal players and high rollers often receive considerable commission discounts.


  • Deposit fees
    Fees applied by the bookmaker that vary depending on the deposit method. Many bookmakers do not ask any fees regardless of the deposit method.
  • Deposit options
    Options how to transfer money to your betting account.


The country where the bookmaker holds his gaming license.

Live betting

This kind of “in-play” betting enables the players to bet on sport events while they take place

Odds formats

Bookmakers use three main types of odds format:
  • EU - Decimal (for example 1.20, 3.50, etc.)
    Decimal odds multiplied by the the stake equal the possible payout. Actual winnings equal the payout minus the stake.


Odds x Stake

= Payout

Payout - Stake

= Winnings

1.20 x €20

= €24

€24 - €20

= €4

  • UK - Fractional (e.g. 1/2, 11/10 etc.)
    Fractional odds multiplied by the the stake equal the possible winnings. Actual payout is the winnings plus the stake.


Fractional Odds x Stake

= Winnings

Winnings + Stake

= Payout

1/2 x £20

= £4

£4 + £20

= £24

  • US - American (e.g. +300, -200 etc.)
    There are two types of American odds:
  • Positive odds
    Positive odds show possible winnings on 100 money units wagered.


Am.Odds x Stake x 0.01

= Winnings

Winnings + Stake

= Payout

(+)300 x $20 x 0.01

= $60

$60 + $20

= $80

  • Negative odds
    Negative odds show how much is required to stake for winning 100 money units.


(1 + 100 / Am.Odds) x Stake

= Winnings

Winnings + Stake

= Payout

(1 + 100 / (-)200) x $20

= $30

$30 - $20

= $10

Profit margin

Profit margin describes the level of traditional bookmaker's profit. Bookmakers with a small profit margin release more money on payouts which is more convenient for players.
Profit margins displayed on our site are averages calculated from betting odds offered by a given bookmaker one hour before the start of the sporting event.

Example calculation of the profit margin:

FC Porto


Profit margin [%]



= (100 / 3.75) + (100 / 3.25) + (100 / 1.90) - 100 =

Inter Milan


= 110 - 100 = 10  → the profit margin is 10%

Sports rules

Sports rules are bookmaker's rules regarding betting on sporting events (providing mainly information when the event is official for wagering purposes).

Terms & Conditions

The T&C must be accepted by the player before he is allowed to open an account with the bookmaker.


Traffic provides an overview displaying the number of Internet users that visit the bookmaker's website. Our data display is taken from

Following indicators are used:

  • Daily reach
    Number of daily visitors per one million Internet users.

  • 3 months change of the daily reach
    The three-month change is determined by comparing the site's current daily reach with its daily reach from three months ago.


  • Withdrawal fees
    Fees applied by the bookmaker that vary depending on the deposit method. Many bookmakers do not ask any fees regardless of the withdrawal method.
  • Withdrawal options
    Options how to transfer money from your wagering account.


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