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What is Gamble Aware?

Gamble Aware is a website created and managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust (RIGT). The RIGT is a British independent charity that funds research and education about responsible gambling in the UK as well as treatment for compulsive gamblers. Gamble Aware strives to make people aware of the dangers of gambling and to promote a responsible approach to gambling.

Gambling Facts

The website offers information about how gambling works, explains the different forms of gambling (chance-based, skill-based) and stresses that it is always a risk. The site explains the most important gambling terms and also features a gambling glossary. A quiz called “Fact or Fiction?” helps you find out how much you know about how gambling really works and throws light on the widely spread myths about gambling.

Gamble Aware also provides information about how the odds of winning in a game of chance compare to other events, in order to keep a realistic view of your chances to win. You are, for example, more likely to be struck by lightning within the next year (odds: 1 in 10,000,000) than to win a share of the National Lottery “Lotto” jackpot (1 in 14,000,000).  

Responsible Gambling

Gamble Aware’s homepage explains what responsible gambling is and underlines the importance of knowing all the facts. The page gives advice on how to gamble responsibly; a responsible gambler…

…does not gamble to make money or to escape problems but for fun

…is aware of the fact that he/she is unlikely to win in the long run

…never tries to win back losses

…does not borrow money to gamble

…never gambles with money he needs to pay bills, rent and food

The section “Responsible Gambling” also includes advice and tips about how to manage your gambling. The website features tools like a time-management diary or a money-management planner that help you plan your gambling. It is important to know how you behave when you are gambling and how much time and money you spend on it. The above-mentioned tools are a good way to keep track of your gambling habits; your entries can only be seen by you, none of the information is visible to Gamble Aware or to other users. If you wish to share your tips on responsible gambling with others, you can submit them in the section “Your tips on responsible gambling”, where you can also read the tips of other gamblers.

Problem Gambling and help

Gamble Aware also stresses the importance of recognizing signs of problem gambling. Under “Recognise a problem” you will find a list of facts that may indicate a problem. Some of them are:

-          Arguments about your gambling with your family and friends

-          Gambling secretly

-          Spending more time and money than you can afford

-          Losing interest in other activities or hobbies

-          Gambling away all your money

-          Not paying bills, selling possessions and borrowing money for gambling

-          Feelings of guilt and depression

If some of these points apply to you, you are or are likely to become, a compulsive gambler and should seek professional help as soon as possible. Gamble Aware recommends GamCare, a registered charity in the UK that provides advice, counselling and practical help for problem gamblers, their families and friends. If you or one of your loved ones has a gambling problem, call the GamCare Helpline under 0845 6000 133.

Gamble Aware also offers an online self-assessment test where you can find out if your gambling habits constitute a problem.

Useful links

On www.gambleaware.co.uk, under the section “Seek help”, you can find useful links to organizations that specialize in counselling and helping compulsive gamblers. There is also a list of services specializing in financial advice and recommendations for self-exclusion tools that block the user’s access to online gambling.


For further information, you are welcome to contact Gamble Aware sending an e-mail to info@gambleaware.co.uk or writing a letter.

Contact details

PO BOX 5001
M1 3HU


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