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readytobet sportsbonusThe United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund was created in 1946 to provide emergency food and healthcare to children in Asia and Europe after their countries had been devastated by World War II. Today, more than 7,000 staff members supply life-saving assistance to children affected by disasters in 156 countries. The organization mainly raises funds through private and public partnerships and by selling products such as greeting cards. UNICEF is a permanent part of the United Nations Systems, but holds an exceptional position. It can be seen as semi-autonomic, but integrated within the UN system.

The United Nations Children’s Fund focuses on children in developing countries and in countries affected by conflict. The organization provides local children with clean water and sanitation, medical treatment and supports children’s health and nutrition. UNICEF also protects children from violence, exploitation and HIV/AIDS and tries to implement quality basic education for all boys and girls in the world, no matter how difficult this may become.

Unicef Touching the Vulnerable with Small Gifts from Global Players

Throughout the years, UNICEF has been more than successful, especially when it comes to fighting diseases. In the past 20 years, immunization has improved the health of millions of children worldwide. It has even become possible to eradicate some diseases from the planet completely – like smallpox in 1980. Today, 40% of vaccinated children in developing countries receive their vaccines thanks to UNICEF. Together with the insecticide-treated mosquito netting, this life-saving service can be seen as a powerful tool for child health. The company relies on people like you to help build a world fit for children! UNICEF depends entirely on ordinary individuals as well as eminent personalities who make their contributions to improve children’s health and to ensure their education and protection. Do you want to make a difference for children? You can donate, purchase cards and gifts or become a volunteer.

For online donations, please visit the UNICEF website or one of the local websites of the National Commitees for UNICEF, currently present in 36 developed countries. Credit cards (American Express, MasterCard, Visa) as well as PayPal and debit cards (Solo, Delta, Visa Electron) are accepted.


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