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Epassporte - Your international passport to online gambling

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Important notice: This company had to shut down. Underneath you will find the article about ePassporte straight from our gambling archives. If you are looking for a trustworthy payment option, we strongly recommend Skrill.

What was ePassporte?

With ePassporte, Visa customers are provided with an electronic wallet or, more specifically, an online debit card. In contrast to credit cards, debit cards charge their owner's account directly and they have the advantage of being able to access their account at cash machines as well. Since many debit cards cannot be used for online purchases, the ePassporte Visa Virtual Account offers a convenient alternative.



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Deposit money with ePassporte

The Visa Virtual Account is basically nothing more than a 16 digit card number from Visa with an expiration date and a three digit CVV2 (Card Verification Value). After opening a Visa Virtual Account, customers can pay securely and anonymously everywhere Visa (ePpurchase) is accepted. Furthermore, money can be transferred between ePassporte account holders free of charge and in real-time, as is common with electronic wallets. Those who would like to take full advantage of ePassporte can additionally apply for a "real" ePassporte Visa Electron card for $ 35, which can be used to withdraw money at over one million Visa and PLUS cash machines worldwide and make purchases in "real" stores (Visa accepted locations). Electronic wallets like ePassporte have especially established themselves at online poker casinos such as William Hill. Deposits onto the Visa Virtual account can be made with credit and debit cards.

With this deposit method, the identity of the card holder must first be confirmed before the ePassporte account can be activated (takes up to seven workdays). Bank transfers from US bank accounts are accepted as well. At online accepted locations, the payment window for purchases made with ePassporte can be found under ePpurchase. After the window has been opened and the UserID and password have been entered, the payment will be carried out in real-time. In case a merchant accepts Visa but not ePpurchase, it may still be possible to pay via ePassporte upon request.

Are there any transaction limits?

Transfers onto an ePassporte Visa Virtual Account are credited to the receiver's account free of charge and a notification will be sent to the personal "Message Center" of the virtual account. The account balance and all incoming and outgoing transactions are listed under "Transaction History." Account holders with a Java-enabled mobile phone can download the new "Mobile Money Manager" to be able to check the status of their ePassporte account from anywhere at any time. The real innovation is that it is even possible to send money from a Visa Virtual account directly from your own mobile phone!

How can I have money paid out to me from my Visa Virtual account?

Payouts from Visa Virtual accounts to bank accounts outside of the USA are, unfortunately, not currently possible. For accounts outside of the USA, an alternative option of having money transferred by telegraphic transfer is offered (transfer fee: $ 50). Though those who had additionally applied for an ePassporte Visa Electron card can use it to withdraw their money at over one million Visa and PLUS cash machines worldwide.

What fees and limits apply to me with ePassporte?

Having an account is free in the first year, however, starting with the second year, a $ 5 annual fee is charged. The first deposit made onto a Visa Virtual account must amount to at least $ 25. In order to authenticate the credit or debit card of a new customer, between $ 0.01 and $ 2 is charged. Transfers coming from a US bank account do not need to be verified. Deposits made via credit or debit cards incur a fee of $ 5 for every $ 100 that is deposited. The first deposit made from a US bank account costs $ 5 per $ 100 as well; however, with this method all further deposits cost only $ 3 per $ 100. Sending money from one ePassporte account to another (peer to peer) costs only $ 0.30 per transaction. An ePassporte Visa Electron card costs $ 35 a year and $ 2 is charged per cash withdrawal. Deposits onto the Visa Virtual account are limited to a maximum of $ 500 per 24 hours and additionally not more than $ 500 may be transferred per transaction. The number of deposits is limited to five per day and not more than ten money transfers may be made daily. Those with an ePassporte Visa Electron card may withdraw up to $ 300 a day, whereby the number of withdrawals is limited to five per day.

Can I obtain a higher status by using my ePassporte account regularly?

Yes, those who have had a Visa Virtual account for at least four months and have used it frequently will automatically be upgraded and receive "ePassporte Select status." With this, the transfer and deposit limits are raised to $ 1,000 per 24 hours, among other benefits. The account can be run only in US dollars. Deposits made in a foreign currency will automatically be converted into dollars. Theoretically, anyone can open a Visa Virtual account, although some accounts are automatically monitored and their owners are not allowed to receive any transfers or deposits made with credit cards, for example. For residents of the following countries, it is unfortunately only possible to open an account with limited functionality: Latvia, Malaysia, Moldavia, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Vietnam. Since 2008, US customers have unfortunately no longer been allowed to transfer money from their ePassporte accounts to gambling sites due to the "Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006."

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The company employs the most modern encryption technologies in order to ensure the security of customer data. In addition to various methods of authentication, account holders are protected from card misuse by Verified by Visa. Verified by Visa is a password protected service that confirms the identity of card holders during online transactions. The password, chosen by the card holder, equates to a signature made during an in-store purchase and confirms the correct identity for the merchant. Visa Virtual accounts are managed by the joint stock company, ePassporte NV, in the Netherlands Antilles. ePassporte Visa Electron cards are managed and distributed by the St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla National Bank Ltd.


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