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Responsible gaming initiatives


Poker, sports betting, casino games and lotteries are definitely a lot of fun and bring excitement into an otherwise boring daily routine. That's fine as long as it's only for fun and excitement – unfortunately our years of experience have taught us that especially in the world of gambling, fun can quickly turn serious. We take the subject of responsible gaming seriously and recommend reading this list:

  1. Does playing affect your performance at work and in your free time?
  2. Would you say that friends and relatives regard your gambling hobby with skepticism?
  3. Have you ever though about using illegal methods to obtain money for gambling?
  4. Do you sometimes use gambling as a pretense to hide from the stress of daily life?
  5. Do your gaming sessions often last longer than originally planned?
  6. After winning, do you get the feeling that you can't stop and that you have to continue your winning streak and play more and more?
  7. Has your reputation with colleagues, friends and relatives already been damaged?
  8. Are you sometimes bothered with a guilty conscience after finishing or losing a game?
  9. Do you regard playing as a form of earning money?
  10. Do you try to make up for loses by making higher bets?
  11. Do you often play for the last of your money?
  12. Have you ever borrowed money or even taken out a loan to finance your compulsion to play and even out your loses?
  13. Does your career or education suffer because of your gaming habits?
  14. Have you ever had to sell valuables in order to get money to gamble?
  15. Have you ever been unsure about whether or not you should use gambling money for necessary expenses like rent or food?
  16. Does your family feel neglected because of your playing habits?
  17. Has gambling caused you to have problems sleeping?
  18. Have you ever had the feeling of being lost due to gambling?
  19. Have you ever seriously thought about suicide because of gambling?


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If you answered "YES" to several of these questions and are unsure if you still have control over your passion for gambling, get in touch with one of the following points of contact:

Responsible gambling initiatives
Gamblers Anonymous
Gamblers Anonymous international
Gamble AwareGamble Aware
Gam Anon USA
GamAnon USA
Gambling Therapie
Gambling Therapy
National Council on Problem Gambling USA

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