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Counselling and Therapy Center for Addicted Gamblers and their Families

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The Counselling and Therapy Center for Addicted Gamblers is an Austrian organization that was developed from “Anonyme Spieler” (engl.: “gamblers anonymous”), which was founded in 1982 by Wilhelm Gizicki after having suffered from pathological gambling himself for twenty years. In 1999, Mr. Gizicki was honoured by the Republic of Austria for his great volunteer work.

Objectives and services

The objectives of the Counselling and Therapy Center for Addicted Gamblers are to inform the public about the dangers of gambling, to raise public awareness of the problem and to help gamblers as well as their friends and families. The organisation not only addresses problem gamblers, their relatives and friends but also anyone who may be interested in the subject (media, political groups, the gambling industry, professionals, students, teachers etc.). The Counselling and Therapy Center is the oldest of its kind in Austria and one of the oldest in the German-speaking world. The Center also does fundamental scientific research.

The free services of the Counselling and Therapy Center for Addicted Gamblers include:

  • Helpline: By dialling (01) 544 13 57 you can talk to professionally trained advisors
  • Psychotherapy for groups, families, couples and individuals
  • Debtors counselling
  • Group therapy for problem gamblers and their relatives
  • Information about in-patient therapy
  • Info-events at schools, universities, for psychologists  etc

Every bit of information exchanged with the staff will, of course, be kept confidential. Those seeking help from the Counselling and Therapy Center for Addicted Gamblers may also stay anonymous.



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Online Counselling and online self-assessment

On, under “Online Help,” you will find a form to fill out where you can describe your individual problem and leave your e-mail address. Online counselling is also confidential, free and anonymous. If you are not sure whether your gambling habits constitute a problem, you can fill out an online self-assessment questionnaire on the website. The web page also provides general information about pathological gambling and its effects on the gambler and his or her loved ones.

Counselling and help for relatives and friends

The Counselling and Therapy Center for Addicted Gamblers underlines the importance of supporting the relatives and friends of problem gamblers. Relatives should definitely contact the Therapy Center, even if the gambler himself is not yet ready to get professional help. In the Therapy Center, relatives and friends get advice on how to motivate the gambler and get him into therapy. Moreover, the family of the gambler learns how to deal with the situation.

The Counselling and Therapy Center for Addicted Gamblers’ multi-professional team consists of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, debt counsellors, social workers and numerous volunteers. The center is financed through sponsors (Admiral Sportwetten, Casinos Austria AG, Novomatic Group of Companies, Österreichische Lotterien) and donations.


The Counselling and Therapy Center for Addicted Gamblers annually records data related to the problem of pathological gambling, which is then used in long-term fundamental studies. Research results and reports can be downloaded on the organisation’s web page.

Additional Information and Literature

The web page also provides literature, brochures, publications as well as an archive of video and audio recordings. Under “Fragen und Antworten” (questions and answers) you can find answers to frequently asked questions and under “Blitztherapie” (immediate help) you are provided with suggestions and advice about how to take the first steps into a gambling-free life.



If you want to support the Counselling and Therapy Center for Addicted Gamblers, please transfer your donation to the umbrella organisation:

Verein „Anonyme Spieler“ BAWAG
Kontonr: 01910665126
BLZ: 14000
Keyword "Spende" (donation)

Contact details

Beratungsstelle-Therapiezentrum AS
Siebenbrunnengasse 21/DG
1050 Wien
Hotline: +43 (1) 544 13 57
Fax: +43 (1) 544 61 29


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