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Christoph Haller

Last blog entry on 8. May 2008
Last Update: 8. April 2014
"According to my theory, you don't need luck at the poker table."
from Christoph Haller's Blog
Traunstein, DE
one son
Vösendorf, AT
Degree in business administration and logistics
Swimming, reading, hiking
Vienna, Paris, Las Vegas, Odessa school at age 15
Omaha - Omaha 8/b
David Ulliot
...he would introduce standardized rules and ban excessive table fees
Thanks to his love for playing he quickly became a hotel VIP in Las Vegas, mostly plays poker nowadays in Odessa

Online poker is one of Christoph Haller’s big passions. It is possible to run into him at every imaginable poker room such as PokerStars or Betfair. Who knows, maybe you’ll find Christoph Haller at one of the tables there and be able to take him to the cleaners?

Childhood and Youth

Christoph Haller was born on January 13th, 1967 in Traunstein, Lower Bavaria, Germany. After finishing school, he received an education in bank management. Afterwards he added a degree in business administration and logistics to his resume. It's not known if he was already financing his livelihood at this time directly and exclusively through gaming or if he spent a few years in the business world before finding his true calling: gambler. Nowadays he feels at home around the world, constantly on his way from hotel to hotel and always on the lookout for money… 

A High Roller early on…

Like so many others, he was introduced to poker while he was still in school. He played with his friends during breaks. Haller's subsequent way of life stood out early on, since he was already playing for considerably large amounts by the time he was 15. Oftentimes, this was much more than his allowance actually allowed – since Haller must have already realized how he was going to earn money in the future. Besides that, even back then, he was already having so much fun playing poker and today the career gambler is quite happy with his profession that has allowed him change his hobby into a lucrative living.


At the start, when he decided to become a professional gambler his focus was not on poker. At that time another game was more interesting and also more popular: backgammon. In the late 1980's, when backgammon enjoyed a real boom, roughly comparable to the poker boom of today, he was at every tournament and earned his living mostly through the sums that were being played, which for the time were quite high. Today there are still a few big backgammon tournaments that Christoph Haller regularly attends.

Since then, the very popular board game has come to have only a niche following at the professional level. There are still big tournaments though, including the World Backgammon Championship in Monte Carlo, which attracts thousands of players and spectators to the tax paradise of Monaco every year. The largest international tournament has recently been consolidated into a tournament for professionals taking place around half the world from St. Tropez to Rio de Janeiro and Dallas to Venice. Party Gaming sponsored the backgammon tournament with $1,000,000 which at that time was the highest prize money sum ever offered for a backgammon tournament. Christoph Haller can still be seen in the backgammon scene today – together with other gambling connoisseurs (almost all of which are, interestingly enough, poker professionals), the doubling dice are rolled.

Black Jack

As he found himself more and more in casinos, Haller always discovered new, fun and resourceful ways to gamble away his money, and more importantly, how to increase it. Blackjack, one of the most well-known and exciting card games that can be learned so quickly because of its easy 17+4 rules, became one of his joys. But this game also has its pitfalls: to be really successful, you need nerves of steel and reflexes of a puma. Both are qualities that Christoph Haller possesses.


Those who don't find blackjack very entertaining should take a look at roulette. As the king of games in casinos, this classic has provided not only excitement since the 17th century but also big money. Those who can hold up at the roulette table have discovered the true essence of gambling. Apart from simply betting red or white, tactic and mathematical talent play an important role. Christoph Haller was soon able to boast being one of the best European players at this game as well.

Finally: Poker!

Still in search of something different, he landed at the poker table, probably one of his favorite games even up until today. It’s actually a miracle that in all of those 20 years of playing poker privately, he never had the idea of doing so on a professional level. He would have had enough talent! Nonetheless, it would take a total of thirteen years before he ventured from his living room to sit at a real poker table. This table was located in the American Lord Casino. The opening of which was the best thing that happened in his life, he still says today.

Fame and Glory (and Piles of Money)!

At the start of the 90’s, there were no online poker casinos or poker schools. The internet itself was just at the start of its big boom, mostly just a toy for technology buffs. Poker was largely limited to being played only in real life, which Christoph Haller was able to really indulge in. He still likes to tell stories about the legendary forty tournaments he won during that time. Soon enough though, that didn’t interest him anymore, because in poker, like in so many other things, the only thing that counts is money. As we all know you can’t live off of fame and glory. 

Christoph Haller loves to play cash games. But not just any, no, he fancies games with the highest stakes, preferably those with no limits. His biggest goal playing poker is pretty simple, as he says himself: to earn more than he spends. From London to Paris and America to Russia you will always find him sitting at the most lucrative tables. He doesn’t shy away from high buy-ins or astronomical stakes. In Las Vegas, he played for such huge sums that he was soon a hotel VIP. Partly because he continued to live out his gambling passion no-holds-barred and so he was a pretty lucrative guest for the numerous hotels. 

His favorite poker variation is Omaha Hi Lo. This is the poker variation that offers the most action and allows for quite a few clever maneuvers to win the pot, even after it seems like everything has been decided. 

Today, Christoph Haller spends most of his time in Odessa, where the poker scene is just blossoming. Here, he plays with the locals for the big money, even if their customs are a little harsh and the electricity regularly goes out. 

The poker player Christoph Haller respects the most is David Ulliot because according to Christoph, he understands the game and is a worthy opponent. Mickey Finn did the most for the game of poker in Europe for which Haller really appreciates him and also regards him as a top player. 

Away from the Poker Table…

Even someone like Christoph Haller needs some down time. He is on the go 200 days a year after which he needs a place to relax. He has an apartment in Vienna and one in Seebruck which help him refocus and gather new strength by reading and jogging (his other two hobbies next to gambling) after the many intensive months of playing. Aside from that, he also just recently became a father and so he tries to spend as much time as possible with his son. Hopefully, Christoph Haller’s son will one day walk in his footsteps, if Christoph Haller hasn’t bagged all the money in the world first.

Christoph Haller will probably keep playing forever, whether in Aruba or Odessa, he always raises the highest stakes!

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