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Ben Grundy alias "MilkyBarKid"

Last blog entry on 6. September 2008
Last Update: 20. March 2014

Betfair Poker
"I figured if I buy a house then I can't give the money back to the poker community."
Ben speaking about his house in London
London, UK
United Kingdom
Professional Poker Player
...at the age of 7
aggressive, intuitive
Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius, Annette Obrestad, J.C. Tran
"Ben Grundy...is the luckiest person ever to grace the face of the earth." (Richard Gryko)
looks extremely young and uses this to his advantage
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Ben Grundy was born on February 22nd, 1978 in York, in the north of England before he and his parents moved to Cardiff, a port city in the south of Whales. This is where he grew up, went to school and then to university. If he hadn’t started playing poker, he would have an ordinary office job like everyone else, he says in an interview. Grundy has two sisters who both live in New York though he currently lives in his own house in London.

Grundy grew up with Omaha, which he has played since he was seven. He has remained faithful to Omaha for all these years. Today, he prefers to play Pot Limit Omaha because of the action and the amount of hands he can play.

His First Success

Grundy caught the poker bug in 1990. Seeing as he was friends with the son of the WSOP champion Monsour Matloubi, he got a sense of what big money was all about at the early age of 11. He was fascinated by the fact that he could win more than $ 1,000,000 in one evening playing cards. Moreover, Grundy couldn’t have chosen a better role model than Matloubi—as he truly belongs to the biggest legends in the poker universe.

Grundy took part in his first tournament in Cardiff - £ 5 Texas Holdem No Limit Rebuy - and came out the winner by beating the 40 other participants. His rivals, who he would play against again in the next couple of years, said they let him win…and who knows the truth? When asked about the circumstances at that time, Ben Grundy answers with a smirk.

Nowadays, it seems to Ben Grundy as if these smaller tournaments happened ages ago. He too has come to the conclusion that he must have had a lot of luck. For example, one time when he was a poor student, he won four such tournaments in a row. That was when he didn’t care peanuts about blind structures or his opponents' playing strategy. Using only mere instinct, he was able to beat his opponents. Today, Richard Gryko, who he has been friends with for a while now, says:

“Ben Grundy...he is the luckiest person ever to grace the face of the earth.”

Going Pro

In March of 2005, Grundy finally quit his regular job to play poker full-time. From then on, his life has been a rollercoaster ride filled with enough ups and downs. Somehow though, he has always managed to top up his bankroll by winning online poker games. He learned from this and is now part of the top leagues. Ben plays pro for Betfair for amazing sums, it is said.

Ben Grundy wins the most money playing at online poker rooms. When playing poker as many hours as Grundy does, it’s probably best to concentrate on online poker where you can play poker from home; it’s a much nicer environment and it is relatively easy to make big money. Grundy plays at many different poker rooms, as well as with a number of different nicknames. So it’s quite possible that you may play against Grundy without even knowing it. Whether or not you can win against Grundy is another question… he records his stats on his Weblog, and these numbers are more than impressive. 

Tournament Wins

Grundy plays live tournaments mostly because of the prestige associated with them. In the last couple of years though, he has started winning a lot of them, winning even more prize money. He has cashed in almost $ 500,000 just by playing European tournaments. At the William Hill Poker Grand Prix II, in his hometown of Cardiff in March of 2007, he won almost $ 100,000. A couple of years before that in 2005, at the European Poker Tour Grand Final No Limit Hold’em in Monte Carlo, he left the table with $ 105,000. For a player like Grundy, whose strength is playing Pot Limit Omaha, this was definitely a challenge. 

He only dared to enter the American poker scene a little later on. Among other things, he took part in the Bellagio Cup III during the World Series of Poker at the beginning of June 2007 in Las Vegas. He played the classic No Limit Hold’em. Grundy placed a respectable 17th. And so, Grundy is also paving his way in the USA, and everyone is holding their breath to see what is next.

A Few Beers and a Whole lot of Luck

Ben Grundy has a lot of funny poker stories on hand. One he remembers particularly well happened when he was 21. He was visiting a friend in Birmingham and decided to try his luck at the local Rainbow Casino. Grundy, who had always looked younger than he actually was, sat down at the Omaha table with £ 350. The other players at the table were all extremely happy to see him, because they took him for a beginner, someone they could win easy money from. They were way off. Grundy soon realized what they were up to and played the role of the innocent school boy who could hardly hold his cards. Then, Grundy delivered a game that will hardly be forgotten by his opponents anytime soon. He left that day with £ 3,000 in his pocket. 

Ben Grundy has always understood how to use his age and youthful looks to his advantage, especially in games against unfamiliar opponents. He even claims that a lot of players lose against him on purpose because they think he is, if anything, just fresh out of school. Poker, Grundy says, is a game that exists because of the peculiarities of the characters that play it, and youthfulness just so happens to be his. Online poker on the other hand, is all about the game itself, which a good player can also use to his advantage—for example, by playing at multiple tables at once. Ben Grundy takes it lightly, even playing a couple of games after a pub tour, and has remained down to earth in other respects as well. 

Grundy’s most surprising cash win came in 2004, which he managed to win along with his poker colleague Adam Matusiak. Together, they wanted to take part in the Main Event at the Summer Breeze Festivals in Brighton. They decided to visit the festival the night before the tournament to party. Grundy decided to call this a “BIG MISTAKE!” in his weblog. He was so hung-over the next day that it was impossible for him to take part in the tournament. Instead, he played a cash game at a table with Marcel Luske, among others.  Yet he won money that day, not by playing poker though, but in a very different way. He paid his colleague Adam Matusiak 40% of the entry fee- so £ 200- and hoped that Adam would deliver an amazing game…and deliver he did. So while Grundy was taking it easy and playing for a small sum of money against Marcel Luske, Matusiak won against 115 players (despite his hangover) to win first place and £ 20,760. The most interesting thing about that is that this was Adam Matusiak's first big tournament! So Grundy got lucky once again and walked away with £ 6,000.  

Ben Grundy's Strategy

Ben Grundy does not say much about his strategy; he is very modest when it comes down to it. All he wants to do is beat his opponent and confuse them a little bit. This is why he changes up his game as often as possible. Sometimes he plays every hand, other times he plays a little more carefully, after which he immediately raises pre-flop again. Then hopefully, when a good hand comes along, his strategy works and he can take off with the money. Otherwise, he says, he is a very aggressive player, he relies a lot on his instincts and he has pretty good reads on players.

Where to Meet Him

By his own account, Ben Grundy spends 80% of his time playing poker, his only passion next to his obligatory pub visits. In London in the last couple of years, Ben has been playing at the Vic Casino more frequently, as well as at the Gutshot Casino. Most of the time, he could be found at the £ 250 or £ 500 Omaha or Dealer’s Choice tables. If one of you want to play against him live, then try it at those tables first.
If you want to play against Ben Grundy aka Milkybarkid right now, then visit Betfair Poker directly from here and secure your exclusive BonusBonusBonus welcome bonus. Look for Ben at one of the numerous tables and go up against him!  

In an interview, Ben Grundy names Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius as the players he would most like to play against. Of course, leave it up to him to choose the biggest names in the industry that he would want to go up against at the ultimate final table! Moreover, he also names Annette Obrestad, Marcel Luske and J.C. Tran — because he wants revenge.

Ben Grundy, a thirty-year-old with schoolboy looks, on the way to becoming the best Pot Omaha player in the world!

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