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Entry from 12. September 2008    

Temptation is the Downside of Opportunity

When you are in a position like I am, you’re often presented with opportunities – a lot of different opportunities. I am in an odd position. Not only am I a known player, but I am involved in many things on the business side of poker, which means I probably listen to as many proposals as anyone.

A few months ago, I was approached by a new company called T6 poker. They said all the right things and were terrific people to deal with. I consider myself a bit of a salesman, and as the old saying goes, the easiest person to sell is a salesman.

I really felt T6 could make an impact, and I am always a fan of healthy competition in any business. As the time went on, it grew more clear to me that maybe the impact wasn’t coming, and .... Read entire blog entry!

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Entry from 6. September 2008    

Big Weekend Online

Now that I am back home in Melbourne I have decided to play a few events this weekend online. Tonight I will be playing a nice little event on Full Tilt ....

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Entry from 24. August 2008    Watch video blog!

The Road to the Final Table

The World Series is over and I am finally back home in Australia. All the action right now is going on at Full Tilt Poker as their FTOPS IX (Full Tilt ....

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Entry from 17. July 2008    

The Integrity of Poker

While the game of poker is normally considered to be played across the green felt with chips in hand, the game encompasses a whole world of deals, situations, ....

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