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Entry from 25. August 2008    

Vancouver with the new Strong COO of UltimateBet

Vancouver with the new "Strong COO" of UltimateBet, Phelps, Bike WPT?
I spent last weekend in Vancouver with the new strong COO of, and, Paul Leggett. I was impressed with his commitment to security and doing the right thing. After a couple of embarrassing scandals involving both sites, Leggett personally cleaned up most of the mess as he ran extensive investigations into any wrongdoings at UB, and made sure that anyone affected negatively would have an accurate refund number. The people in charge were so impressed with the level headed way that Leggett handled the scandals that they began to consider him for COO. They knew that UB needed someone strong, with an impeccable record, to .... Read entire blog entry!

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Entry from 14. August 2008    

This weekend rocked

The weekend rocked! Match with Sean Elliot – "Falling" for one outer
What a great weekend! On Friday I played a golf ....

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Entry from 3. August 2008    

Ring Tones and Ring backs

"Ring tones" and "Ring backs" Chilling out and golf
First off, I have enjoyed watching ''Poker after Dark'' this week on NBC at 2:00 am. I made a couple ....

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Entry from 28. July 2008    

COTY (Champion of theYear) – 2007, 2006, 2005, ....

Sometimes I forget that Kenneth Popkin (the maintainer of the award) and I have the "COTY" award up and running!! Here are the winners the last five years ....

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