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Markus Golser alias "Jumper17"

Last blog entry on 22. August 2008
Last Update: 17. March 2014
"Stay calm and composed and don’t lose your nerve. Rome wasn’t built in a day either."
Markus' Tip to those new to poker
Hallein, AT
One son
Salzburg, AT
Finished an apprenticeship as an office administrator
Office salesman, he worked in the field
Sports (especially skiing)
Las Vegas
Gus Hansen the age of 17
Aggressive and persistant
Gus Hansen, Josef Hachem, Antanas Guoga
"With his abilities and experience, he is one of the most feared cash game players in the world!" - from a poker blog
...he would encourage more young players
He's friends with Gus Hansen and once lost a million dollars in a streak of bad luck in online poker and never lost his cool
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The Sooner the Better…

Markus Golser was born on the 9th of July, 1973 in Hallein, a town close to the city of Salzburg. After completing his education to become an office administrator, he now lives in Salzburg and with his girlfriend Isabella.

Markus was introduced to the world of poker like the rest of us: playing a couple of rounds of 5 Card Draw with 32 cards and the option of swapping cards. At that time, he was 17 years old and draw poker was practically the only known poker variation in Austria. He played amongst friends on weekends or holidays. Golser showed great talent even then: he won almost every game he and his friends played, even if it was just for fun. According to him, he was already playing every imaginable game for money at the age of 14 - a good start for a poker career. 

Unlike his friends, who continued to play poker for fun or for the occasional adrenalin kick in their spare time, Golser took poker to the next level. He wanted to make poker his life; it seemed as if poker was the only worthwhile career goal for him. He completed his apprenticeship nonetheless, just to be on the safe side.   

Can you make a Living Playing Poker?

Once he started playing at casinos for higher sums of money, it wasn’t long before he started sitting at the same table as businessmen and professional players. Then the stakes were a bit higher than at the games he had played on the weekends as a kid. At that point he was 21 and hadn't yet given up his day job. Although he was just playing poker on the side, it took up more and more of his time. Once the American Card Casino opened in Salzburg, it became his second home. Soon his calling became an occupation and his plan to live off playing poker became a reality.

A year later, the 22 year old Markus Golser quit his job for good to travel around the world as a professional poker player. At first, his territory was limited to Austria and at that time (the early 90's), the stakes were also somewhat modest. The local poker boom didn't start until years later, when the first online poker provider sparked interest among the general public. The poker scene in Austria was small and manageable; games were mostly played in Bregenz, Vienna, Linz and Innsbruck. During this time, Golser was living pretty well off of his winnings, despite the small sums of money he was playing for. In Innsbruck, he discovered pot limit Omaha which is still his favorite variation today and the one most profitable for him.

Off to Vegas...

Golser celebrated his first really big success in 1999, at the age of 25, in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. He won the no limit Hold’em Event at the Torneo di Poker, cashing in $ 21,000. This win determined the development of the rest of his career as in addition to  the money, the prize also included a trip to Las Vegas. So Golser got the chance to prove himself and his pot limit Omaha skills in the gambling and poker metropolis at the WSOP. He placed third at the $ 2,500 pot limit Omaha event and left the table with $ 48,000. He spent the rest of his time in Vegas participating in further ring games and cashing in. After one week he flew home with an unbelievable $ 90,000. Not bad for his first trip to Las Vegas!

Playing for the Big Money

Things were really going well for Markus Golser and he started looking past the borders of Austria to the rest of Europe in search of the next tournament. He traveled almost eight months a year. During this time, he took part in most major ring games because this was where the most money was. He stuck to the cash games within tournaments for a long time; he only recently started participating in the tournaments themselves. However, with the establishment of the European Poker Tour, tournaments became more and more financially interesting for Gosler, which is why he began to play in them more often—successfully. Gosler has made it to over 30 finals tables and at the EPT he has placed within the cash rankings a solid three times. 

He also began working on his no limit Hold’em game. At the € 10,000 No Limit Hold’em Event during the Grand Prix de Paris, he won € 30,000. With opponents like Tony G. and Surinder Sunar, this was an extraordinary feat. Golser also placed 5th at the $ 4,700 No Limit Hold’em Event at the EPT in Prague, cashing in a respectable $ 222,000 and beating players like Mike McDonald.

Gosler is still drawn to Las Vegas and makes numerous trips there to take part in the WSOP. These trips have paid off, earning him two cash rankings. 

Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle in Important

Markus uses his rare free time to play sports. Most of all, he enjoys going skiing, which is where he gets the energy he needs to shine at the poker table. Furthermore, the ability to concentrate is also heightened after skiing. When playing for such high stakes you need to be mentally at the top of your game and you cannot afford having a mental blackout. He spends the rest of his time, if he has any, with his girlfriend Isabella - even if she does get angry sometimes when Golser travels across the world from one tournament to another. 

Online Poker…

Early on, Markus Golser only played online poker to pass the time. Sometime in the middle of 2006 though, he began to really concentrate on playing. He started playing pot limit Omaha with 25/50 blinds but soon switched to limit Hold’em and upped his game playing limit with 100/200 blinds to limit 1000/2000.
Yet on PokerStars there weren’t that many players playing limit Hold’em for that kind of money and playing against the same people over and over began to get boring. So Markus Golser went back to playing his favorite game, pot limit Omaha, and was quite successful at it for quite some time. At tables with 200-400 blinds, he really cashed in.

Today, he sees everything a little less seriously and is just glad for the opportunity to play online poker. Markus Golser spends a lot of time at the virtual tables. At home he has the peace and quiet he needs to concentrate and focus all of his attention on the game. Though a couple of times a year, he leaves the comfort of his home to travel to a tournament somewhere in the world because that is where he is at his best; that is where it all started.

Then came the big fall in the autumn of 2007…

The Long Streak of Bad Luck…

Up until this point, Markus Golser had been playing poker for a year at FullTiltPoker and was practically unbeaten. Until one day, a player named DanDock21 really made him sweat it out in a game that he once owned, PLO (pot limit Omaha). Golser’s run of bad luck started in the September of 2007, when he lost $ 300,000, yet that was just the start. His bankroll took another dive and in October, he lost $585,000. He didn’t fare much better in November or in the months after and played poker without prospect of a win or a good hand. It was as if he was cursed…

At the beginning of 2008, his losses totaled almost $1,000,000, a record sum and the biggest loss in online poker history—for Markus, not a record to be proud of. Ironically, the newcomer, DanDock21, had won about as much in that time span, approximately $1,000,000. Yet Golser does not let it get to him. He wrote about DanDock21 in his blog, “That’s the great thing about poker, everyone can win if they’re running hot.”

Future Plans

In the future, Markus does not want to spend all of his time exclusively at the poker table even if he has a great time sitting at the same table as poker pros Gus Hansen, Josef Hachem and Antana Guoga. Moreover, he will top up his bankroll again and next time he faces DanDock21, DanDock21 won’t have a chance. Markus Gosler wants to make a change in the world of poker, but exactly what he has planned he does not want to reveal yet. He does have a tip for new players though:

“Stay calm and composed and don’t lose your nerve. Rome wasn’t built in a day either.”

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