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Entry from 12. September 2008    

EPT Barcelona

I woke up in the morning of the tournament and went for a nice long run... does wonders for clearing my head. I recommend it to anyone =) Started the day off really well by doubling up to 20k after picking someone up on a bluff. Then got coolered after getting it all in with AKss vs QQ on a KxQs9s board bringing me back down to 10k. But hung in there and played very well ending the day at 66k or so. I'm well due to take one of these down and I think this could be the one .... Read entire blog entry!
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Entry from 3. September 2008    

Backkkk in Business

Back on the circuit! After a long (2 month) break from intense poker following the WSOP, I am finally ready to start traveling the circuit again and playing ....

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Entry from 1. August 2008    

What Grinds My Gears: Journalists making comments ....

You know what really grinds my gears?
Journalists who manufacture opinions about people they write about without merit. ....

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Entry from 20. June 2008    

The run continues.....

Okay, so I get to my $1500 PLO rebuy table, look around, and see absolutely no one I even remotely recognize. Generally speaking, this is usually a sign ....

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