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Entry from 9. September 2008    

Portugal Part Two

On the Saturday was the second day of the Portuguese tournament. I was in great shape with approx 45k and i think average in the mid 20ks. Unfortunately my new table had mix of big stacks and small stacks. Not the mix i was looking for. I sat out a few orbits patiently to get a better idea of the players and what was possible with whom, and just as I had figured most of it out the table broke! Great.

I get moved to another table with a lot of younger players, generally not a good sign but luckily most of them seemed to be just having fun not online whiz kids. However, one interesting hand developed when blinds were 300-600 with 100 ante. I opened in early position with J8dd for 1800 and only the SB called. The flop .... Read entire blog entry!

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Entry from 28. August 2008    


Landed in Portugal a couple days ago for the Portguese equivalent of the GUKPT to be held bimonthly. This leg is being held in Estoril about ....

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Entry from 12. August 2008    

Stax, Grinding and Portugal

Well, i finally get money into my betfair account and it transpires that someone won 2/3 tourneys the first day of august and claimed the $100,000 bouns ! ....

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Entry from 6. August 2008    

Johns Update

Hi all,
Not updated for longer than I normally do, i like to update once every few days unfortunately I've had ....

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