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Created on: 25. June 2008
Last update on: 19. August 2013
Entry from 25. June 2008    

WSOP Progress

Well, after I got knocked out of the 6 handed I realised that I didn't know where our new house we were scheduled to move to that day was. Of course the scandies I was sharing with were unable to operate phones and therefore I was temporarily homeless

I started to panic wondering how I would ever see my beloved belongings again, and of course my friends. I made a trip down to the wynn, lost a few buyins as usual and as I was beginning to tilt like a mad man, one of my amigos realised that I didn't know where the house was and rang to give me the address. The funny thing is, it took me over 90minutes to get to the house!! It transpires that not a single taxi / sedan or limo driver knows where our house was. Of course, I run so good that we rent a house in the middle of the desert that no taxi driver knows how to get to. It gets better, the next day when we had planned to get onto the strip by 16:00, so we rang a taxi at 15:00. Got ready by 16:00 and naturally, the taxi didn't show up. 16:30, no taxi, 15:00 no im tilting so decide to play a little online whilst we wait for the taxi...of course $12k and 4 hours later the taxi arrives. GREAT. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? IS VEGAS RIGGED???

What else has gone wrong? Oh that's right, we decided to take a day off from losing money and go indoor skydiving. As usual, it took 3 hours to get ready to leave the house, then we went shooting indoors as a slight detour, and never made it to indoor skydiving which actually looked really good fun. Will have to do that before I leave vegas. I'm hoping to go see a few more cirque de soleil shows and see David Copperfield. The king of Magic.

What else has happened, just cant think right now. There are flies everywhere in our house, cockroaches on the sofa and as you would expect, the cable TV here sucks unless you like watching Spanish sales TV. So standard. Oh, I nearly forgot, when you step outside during the day your face falls off. 50oC with 0 humidity. Lovely.

Going to go see Penn n Teller tonight with my bodyguard and relax, move back to the strip and get back into playing the daily bellagio tournaments, get into the right frame of mind for the $5k 6 handed on Thursday. That is going to be the hardest tournament I think, I am really looking forward to it.

See you soon.


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