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Created on: 4. July 2008
Last update on: 19. August 2013
Entry from 4. July 2008    


Last night was the betfair launch party at the Wynn. Open bar and good finger food. Fun to meet many of the people I have played against online in real person,

its always strange when you finally put a face to the online names, but everyone pleasantly turned out to be really cool. Fun party. Afterwards we headed to a club to continue the betfair party, not much really to report there. Then we headed over to the LAX at luxor. Now it gets interesting. I had never been this south of the strip, and last night I found out why. When you are constantly staying in hotels such as Wynn, Venetian, Bellagio etc you become accustomed to being treated like a human being and actually spoken to in English. Personally, I just thought it was standard basic etiquette, I now know better, it is restricted to the upper class hotels. When we got to LAX some of the party members weren't allowed in because of their footwear. Shame but no problem, Sorel and I decided to play some casino games to kill time before heading back to the Wynn. We were playing 3 card poker, betting the minimum against the casino but betting against each other who had the best hand. We developed a cool game involving some poker skills. We started a new table, so it was only us playing, we would take it in turns to announce our decision to play the hand against the casino or fold. If you folded, you forfeited $30. If we both played, whoever had the strongest hand out of us two would win $100. The $30 fine made it so that you couldn't keep folding out of position, you'd have to keep the pressure on. Anyway, whilst we were playing this (and I was doing my bolox) the dealer (who was clearly unsatisfied with the way his life had turned out) took it upon himself to inform the pit boss what we were doing. At the time, I dind't realise we weren't allowed to bet against each other. It seemed perfectly logical to me that if we were losing money to the casino, we could do whatever we wanted as long as it didn't disturb or offend anyone. Anyway, the pitboss / pitbull came over, and not only told us to stop what we were doing in a hostile manner but also took it upon himself to swear at Sorel and myself. I have never, ever, seen anything like it. A casino abusing its customers, great financial sense. I was so outraged that I demanded to speak to his superior. Needless to say, the supervisor was incredibly useful, English clearly being her 3rd language at best, whilst logic being foregone completely. She at least attempted to inform us why we weren't allowed to do side bets and gave a pretty pathetic apology. The fact that Sorel happily often gambles for tens of thousands didn't seem to affect their thinking. Anyway, we continued to play but made no further obvious side bets. Causing trouble wasn't our intention, so we played quietly and got on with our night / morning. 30mins later, the clearly very intelligent and astute manager came over, watched us play for a few minutes then after Sorel went on a little rush and won some money decided to ban him from playing anymore because he looked at his cards funny. Apparantly you have to show your cards to the cameras in the sky with minimal contact to the cards!!! ARE YOU FRIKKIN SERIOUS???

She then asked to have a quiet word with us, we went over to her and she said, verbatim, "I have spoken with the dealer and the pitboss, both said that the pit boss never swore." HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE?? You think the dealer is going to tell on his boss? You think the pitboss is going to admit to misconduct? You fucking idiot. Why not look at the CCTV like I suggested? I WONDER WHY. Never in my life have I been so incensed that such illogical, and clearly braindead people can be given such positions within society. Especially in the gambling industry, where they should be able to keep an eye on everything and understand the fine balance that the industry requires.

Lesson learnt, if you wish to play 3 card poker at Luxor be prepared to be dealt by grumpy, smile-less dealers, abused by management and show your cards to the ceiling without touching them!!

Truly amazing.

I love the Wynn. Thank you Steve.

The main event starts today, best of luck to everyone who started today and the remaining 3 day 1s.


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