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Created on: 19. June 2008
Last update on: 19. August 2013
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John's WSOP So Far

Sorry guys for not updating for a long time. I was going to write a detailed report of the $5k NL HE , however, I have been playing so much live lately that I haven't really had any time to talk about anything in detail that I wanted.

Briefly, my starting table involved Joe Hachem and as usual now, Sorel Mizzi on my right. It really pissed me off that we were on the same table again because firstly, he is an amazing player and secondly, we are part of a small team and shouldn't really be knocking heads against one another. Should be out there eating up the proverbial babies. Anyway, it was a tough spot because I didn't want to needlessly get involved with Sorel even though I know he opens light. For the most part one of us would open and chop up the blinds, however, every now and again I had to reraise when I knew my hand was good although not premium i.e. 99 or A-10o. The problem was I felt that Sorel thought that I was rr him PF for bragging rights or ego, however, I was just trying to smash up the animals at the table not get involved with the one or two players that actually could play poker.

Anyway, I managed to do some really good bluffs and built up a nice stack until the following hand. The details are hazy as the tournament was a while ago now, but basically a tight muff station opened large from MP, his range was simply premium hands. He had already doubled up twice with KK. I had KQs in the BB with big stack at the time. I elected to call, looking to hit big, not just one pair otherwise I wouldn't continue. The flop of course came J-10-4, I check he bets approx 3k into 2.5k pot. He has another 15k behind and I have 40k. Average chips I think at this time was 15k. The problem now was, the way he insta bet 3 1k chips into the pot, couldn't stop shaking and continuously stared at me as if I was nude confused me. 80% he is super strong i.e. QQ KK AA, and 20% AK AQ. I wasn't sure which. In either event, A or 9 I get close to stacking him because he was an animal. He wasn't the type that can fold an overpair this early in tourney, so ch raising I dind't think achieved much. So I decided to call and see whether bluff cards dropped, nut cards or just give up cards. Of course the turn came the Jack of hearts. So now, the flush has hit, the top pair has hit trips. Whatever he has, its now beat. Now, basic abc players would check now expecting to get more money on turn / pretend he hasn't hit anything. So I did as he would expect a player who has now hit to have done. He checks behind. His hand is now clearly AK AQ with a single heart or AA KK QQ and is clearly scared. The river is even better, a blank 7. Now, 89 has hit, flush has hit, Jack has made trips. Basically, the only hand that he can beat is KQ. There is 9k in the pot, he has about 14-15k left, and avg is 15k. He has plenty of chips to fold and its an easy fold. I take my time, play it like my other big hands that have gone to showdown and put him all in. A big overbet I know, however, American animals don't like to bust out of tourneys. If they think they are behind and you bet ¾ of the their stack they'll call because they know they'll still be in and able to talk about their kids to the rest of the table. So I put the animal all in, unfortunately for me, he was of the hyena breed and couldn't call quick enough with his KK. Fucking moronic if you ask me. I know the overbet was suspicious, however, it is impossible to have worked out I was bluffing in 10 seconds, surely it required some sort of thought and analysis of the situation from him before calling, not a 10 second call. Some people just cant fold overpairs, those should be identified and not bluffed. So I guess I made a mistake of trying to bluff that opponent? Maybe not. Anyway, I learnt from WSOPE to not waste any chips and even with very few chips you can wait for the right moment instead of throwing all your chips away on tilt. I still had a good stack, played good poker and built up nicely. Unfortunately, along the way Sorel got completely donked by some beer mongrelling donkey which im sure he has talked about in his blog, it left Sorel short and he squeezed my EP raise, SB flat call and ran into my JJ. For the rest of the day I kept building, then they brought over Ben Grundy and Scott Seiver (eventual winner) to my immediate right and left. Both very aggressive and talented players. I tried to play straightforward and wait for new table draw for the following day, unfortunately, a bad position developed where I couldn't avoid getting it in pre with AK v AA which took me down to average again.

The following day was standard stuff, couple of steals, wait around for bubble to burst, make the money, then get knocked out by Scott (eventual winner) and make a bowl of rice.

On the plus side, it was my first cash in a WSOP !!! WOOOHOOO!!!

The HU tournament was fun but I don't think it was much value for $10k. you start with 10k chips, blinds 100-200 and they increase every 20mins. At least in the Aussie millions it was best of 3 each round. My first round I played John Little, a former WPT champ. He was very good and to be honest, it was pretty even although we had each other down to only a few chips a couple of times. The blinds at the end made it crapshooty, he shoved from SB with 33 and I woke up with AA in the bb. Gg. Round 2.

Round 2, I was very lucky to not get a big name or pro, but as is standard for me I ran like a sick donkey in the HU and should have been out twice, managed to stay left with 5k chips, only to get it in with 88 v Q4. Flop J-4-4. Sweet. If I win that round im guaranteed a min $14k payday. Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick.

What makes the trip funnier is that ive played the daily $1k and $2k tournaments at bellagio a few times and consistently get in deep but get animalled on the final. The other night I final table the $2k tourney, first prize $80k. Ofc my QQ shove gets called by A3o. He decides to call his whole tournament life, after 10 hours of play with A3o after I just explained to him why I had folded AJpreflop. Even though I said that to set him up for a should have made it clear to the donkey that A3o WAS NEVER GOING TO BE AHEAD. SICK JOKE.

Now, the story gets better. Monday we were moving out of the bellagio to share a house with a few friends, get away from the strip, relax a bit, distress before playing more WSOP events. As we started to pack on Monday, I rifled through the safe and saw by accident the date that one of my tournaments was on was this Monday. The $2500 6 handed tournament!! I thought it was on Tuesday, but of course it was on Monday and I was already 90mins late. I instantly ran out the hotel room, asked my room mate to take my suitcases to the house and I'll see him later. I ran downstairs, got a taxi to the Rio as quickly as possible. I got to my table 100 mins late and had 3500 chips left from my starting stack of 5000. Of course the one tournament im late for is the 6 handed, where the blinds go around the fastest. STANDARD !! The 2nd hand I am dealt is AA. Blinds 50-100, I raise to 275, and get 2 callers. Flop 7-4-4 rainbow. I bet 550, one guy thinks, then flats, the other folds. Turn Q. I'm not sure why, I can't explain it, but I just wanted to keep the pot as small as possible and get max value from whatever he has. I have no idea at the moment as ive just sat down. He checked behind. River was a blank, I picked up my remaining chips and threw them into the pot, leaving behind one yellow chip, worst 1k. My hand was slightly covering it, so my opponent to my left didn't see it. He threw in 5k, putting me all in but before I had time to think and most likely call for my last 1k he turned over his pocket 77, for a flopped full house !!! Guess I run good huh? Anyway, I waited and waited, picked my spots and got up to 18k, only to lose a huge pot to a draw. Ah well...the run of misfortune continues, however I must go eat right now. Ill fill you in on my continous series of car crashes shortly.

Good luck.

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