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Entry from 9. August 2008    

fight night 2!

What an exciting card tonight! I know the fights started 20 mins ago but I've got it on DVR so I haven't seen anything yet. I wrote this as quick as I could so that I could make some predictions beforehand. Usually I like to make the predictions when I see guys step into the ring. If I don't know either fighter, I just consider the fighter's builds, their prefight interviews, and who looks like they want it more. Anyway, here goes:

Georges St-Pierre vs. Jon Fitch
Pick: GSP
Who I want: Ambivalent (I really like both fighters) .... Read entire blog entry!
Full Tilt Poker
Rating: 7.67
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Entry from 22. July 2008    

fight night!

I’m a huge fight fan and a few nights ago featured a number of really good fights. I feel like I have a pretty good knack for looking at two fighters and ....

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Entry from 14. July 2008    

wsop wrap-up

In customary Kwickfish style, I really didn’t want to post anything right after I busted from the WSOP main event. So a few days late, here’s the recap. ....

Rating: 8.00
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Entry from 2. July 2008    

a lucky letter?

Although I haven’t played that many poker events this summer, I brought my A game for every single one. Most of the time, I’ve known exactly which two cards ....

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26. June 2008     $5,000 nl (6max)
18. June 2008     viva las vegas
19. May 2008     player of games
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