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Friday,  16. April 2021  -  10:27:17
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Rakeback or VIP program available Rakeback or VIP program available


"The largest online poker tournament featured 200,000 participants and was organised by PokerStars. The result was announced at the Hilton Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, on 4 December 2011."


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49 Victoria Street, IM1 2LD Douglas
Isle of Man

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(GMT -05:00) New York, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Toronto
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Customer Support at PokerStars

In contrast to other poker rooms, PokerStars does not offer live chat or customer service via a phone hotline. Instead, PokerStars has a reliable and competent e-mail customer support that can be contacted around the clock seven days a week for quick responses. The e-mail support offered by PokerStars has earned it a lot of praise from the player community. It has the reputation of being the fastest e-mail customer service of all online poker rooms.



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  • 8:40 am (CET): 45,000 players
  • 5:00 pm (CET): 70,000 players
  • 9:30 pm (CET): 100,000 players

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Player Count & Competition

PokerStars has the highest player count of all online poker rooms and can therefore guarantee excellent player numbers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Due to its worldwide popularity, it is ensured that customers can play any game at any stake, any time they wish. At peak times, more than 14,000 players are active in cash games, whereas tournaments can attract over 120,000 players at peak times. By most players, competition at PokerStars is considered to generally be fairly strong compared to most other providers. Because the tournament blinds are raised more slowly than in other places, more skill is required and a player’s success is less dependent on good luck. Especially for games with higher stakes, the competition can be very tough. Due to its enormous popularity however, this poker room also attracts a large percentage of inexperienced and/or overconfident players, a situation which practiced poker players can take advantage of. For moderately high stakes, game play is mostly rather aggressive and only about one third of the players pay to see the flop. More daring play can generally be found at the micro-limits.

Pokerstars Software



  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Holdem Genius
  • Calculatem Pro
  • Coach Rounder
  • Poker Office
  • Holdem Indicator
  • Tournament Indicator
  • Poker Tracker
  • Poker Pro Labs 2008
  • Top Shark
  • Tournament Shark
  • Table Shark

Software & Security

PokerStars is not part of a poker network, but uses software specifically designed for its own use. This software’s high quality is one of the main reasons for the great popularity. You can download the cutting-edge PokerStars software right now, directly from our BonusBonusBonus website. Apart from the many useful features it offers, the software scores points with the safety precautions that have been met. To offer games that are 100% fair, the state of the art random number generators and shuffling techniques are put to use. At the same time another program scans playing procedures for any suspicious patterns that indicate cheating. Personal player information is protected by cutting edge SSL technology. BMM and Cigital, two independent auditors, frequently subject the PokerStars software to close scrutiny. Furthermore, PokerStars is a member of the IGC (Interactive Gaming Council), which requires the providers of betting websites to follow a very strict code of conduct for the protection of their clients.



Who has a reputation of being especially popular amongst experienced players, must be worth of a try. Though this might be true, beginners and less experienced players need not hesitate to try their luck here. An extensive introduction to the tactics and psychology of poker helps new players make their first steps in online poker. The website also gives information on basic facts such as the hierarchy of the hands and the betting and raising rules. A substantial glossary of poker terms is available to help overcome any comprehension hurdles. If you have never before played poker online, you can read up all there is to know about it and even practice at play money tables and play money tournaments first to be on the safe side.


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