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At PokerRoomSchool all clients are offered the possibility of occupying themselves intensively with Texas Hold’em poker and learn everything they need in order to become the best possible players. Up first the initial tip comes from us though: no bankroll – no poker game. So when registering with PokerRoomSchool and their exclusive partner William Hill, you get a bonus on your first deposit that we have negotiated for you! So as soon as you have the money, you can go to school for the knowledge!

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PokerRoomSchool offers their clients a number of detailed articles on Texas Hold’em Poker, the ‘Poker School’ section is divided into six separate sections concerning different topics such as Poker Lessons, Poker Rules or Probabilities. As soon as you have studied all the different points PokerRoomSchool offer you, we still recommend you to use some kind of poker strategy tool at the beginning of your poker career.

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The first part, Poker Lessons, offers 24 different articles, beginning with a so-called Beginners Guide and continuing with texts on general strategic and tactical issues as well as an explanation as of how to play a tournament. We strongly recommended, you work all these points through, before sitting down at a cash table. The next point illustrates Texas Hold’em rules quite comprehensively; of course this part requires special attention because without knowing the rules, there is no point in playing the game. Up next is a table of hand rankings which is crucial because if you do not know the hand rankings, you can impossibly react correctly during a game. The next point includes a set of ten different poker tips, which are all to be applied when sitting at the table; at the end of this article a famous quote sums up the importance of the hints: ‘if you can't spot the easy target at your first half hour at the table, then you are the easy target’

The last two points address two very important topics: probabilities and poker lingo. First the table of probabilities gives you an overview of what your chances are to be dealt a pocket pair, get a three of a kind on the flop or beat one pair with a lower one etc. This is supposed to give you a perspective and not make you overreact with a seemingly good hand. The very comprehensive poker glossary introduces you to certain expressions and abbreviations you are going to need when reading poker articles or also when sitting at a table. So you do not think of New Hampshire when someone says you had a ‘nice hand’ (abbreviation: nh). Summarizing it can be said that PokerRoomSchool offers everything a new poker player needs, the introduction to Texas Hold’em Poker is very comprehensive, well written and has a clear structure. As soon as you have registered, you can start learning right away and after having passed the School’s own quiz, you can be sure that you are fit for the world of poker. 


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