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Table Shark




Programmes like Table shark are part of the category of external poker player aids or EPAs (External Player Assistance programme), i.e. programmes that are supposed to help players improve their poker skills and make better profits.

Poker Rooms which support Table Shark
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TableSharkSharpen your skills - Table Shark ABC

Now would you like to drastically improve your poker skills? Well, simply download the Table Shark software and you will see results immediately! Table Shark helps its users to always choose the right table with the weakest players by looking for the best poker tables in many different poker rooms. Additionally there are a number of filtering options you can use to define the size of your table, which limit you want to play and of course, which poker variants you prefer. Depending on your filter the tables are then even marked in different colours.

Apart from that, Table Shark also cooperates with Poker Tracker, a player tracking device, to be able to always inform you about the whereabouts of the greatest number of fish. During each game you participate in, the programme practically memorizes everything about your opponents so it can remind you of their playing style the next time you encounter them. Probably due to the differently coloured tables and the great way all data is worked up, the handling of Table Shark is simple and intuitive; when it comes to graphics we are looking at well structured and decent design which makes Table Shark a definite gain for your poker routine. Convinced already? We can immediately take you to the homepage of Table Shark where you can download the software right away. Table Shark is one of the programmes offered by Poker Pro Labs, a provider of several different EPAs.

Privacy and Security

Obviously Poker Pro Labs, the provider of Table Shark, cares about the security of all your personal data. Poker Pro Labs themselves send their customers information e-mails every now and then but would never pass on, lend or sell any private information to third parties. In order for you to feel safe using Table Shark, Poker Pro Labs even make it especially easy for you to opt out of their mailing list. Which poker variants does Table Shark support? All. No exception. You can have the software show you tables for each and every poker variant you would like to play.

Which poker rooms accept table shark?

There are a number of very popular poker rooms, such as PokerStars, one of our personal favourites.

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Download and payment

The homepage of Table Shark features a special section – the so-called ‘User’s Guide’ – where everything from download to installation is explained thoroughly. The Table Shark software can be paid with credit card. We from BonusBonusBonus can only give Table Shark top scores, the information provided really is useful and can help you to improve your poker skills a lot. All data created by Table Shark is brought to you in a graphically and didactically optimal way and is always easy to understand.


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