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A judgement decision by the umpire that all players are required to follow.


A fielder addresses a mistake made by the offensive team in the hopes of gaining a favorable ruling from an empire.


Awarded to any defensive player who touches the ball after it has been hit by the batter and helps putout a player.

Assist Out

Throwing or fielding the baseball in such a way that enables a teammate to put out a runner.

At Bat

An official turn at trying to get a hit (batting).


The fence behind the homeplate.


A throw by the pitcher whereby the ball goes beyond the strike zone.


A corner of the Infield.

Base Coach

Uniformed team member positioned in the coach's box at first or third base to direct the runners and batter.

Base Hit

When the batter safely reaches first, second, third or even home base after hitting the ball into fair territory.


The base path which the player must follow when running from base to base.

Base on Balls

The batter can move to first base after taking four pitches.

Base Runner

A player who has safely reached a base or is running from one base to the next.


The club used in baseball to hit the ball.


The player on the offense who is at bat in the batter's box. 

Batter Runner

The batter who during a play becomes a baserunner.

Batter's Box

The area in which the batter stands when he is at bat; not directly on home base, but either to the left or the right square marked by lines.


Term for pitcher and catcher.

Batting Average

Ratio the total base hits to the number of times at bats.

Batting Champion

The batting champion is the player with the best batting average at the end of the season.

Batting Crown

The batting crown is awarded to the batting champion.

Foul Pop

Takes place when a lightly batted ball jumps into foul territory and as a penalty the runner is not allowed to continue to run.

Fair Territory

Has the form of a quarter circle and consists of the Infield and Outfield and directly borders the foul territory.

Home Run

If a batter gets the ball over the outer fence, one speaks of a home run. Each player can then pass each base without pressure and score a run.


Can be described as a square at the point of the fair territory; generally, this is the field where the most action takes place.


When a baseball player has passed all bases and returns to the home base.

Sacrifice Fly

The ball is caught directly out of the air; the batter must leave the field immediately. If the runners are able to touch the next base in time, then it is called a ‘sacrifice fly’, because the players were able to move forward and ideally score a run.


A missing of the ball, or even the slightest contact of the bat with the ball and the ball jumps into out territory.

Strike Out

After missing the ball three times the batter is out.

Strike Zone

Located between the chest and the knees of the batter.


After four balls, the batter is allowed to go to first base, without having hit a ball.

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