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A pass to a team member in a way that he or she gets a chance to score. 


A move while dribbling; to start the move a player takes a cross-step and at the same time changes the hand used for the dribble.


At the end of the basketball game the player is awarded a double-digit amount of points in two categories.


When a player, instead of throwing the ball from a distance, jumps up and smashes the ball directly into the hoop.

Hall of Fame

A monument building, divided into different sections. The most prominent representatives of each group are honoured in the respective section.


A classic move in basketball where three steps without dribbling are followed by a jump and throw in direction of the hoop (directly of indirectly). Obviously this move is only exercised when one is already close to the basket.


Is the term for the point guard of the team.

Point guard

The playmaker of a game; a kind of “extension” of the coach.


When the ball is caught by a defender after it ricochets off the backboard.


The shot clock shows the remaining time left to advance the game.

Starting five

The starting formation of a basketball team.


When one player is able to snatch the ball from his opponent.

Three-point line

A semicircle underneath the basket; instead of two the player achieves three points for the throw.


When a player is awarded a double-digit amount of points in three statistical categories.


A ball loss of any kind, for example through a poor pass or by travelling


A marked area; stretches directly from underneath the basket to the free- throw line.

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