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The bull is a narrow rind surrounding the bullseye that counts 25 pionts when hit, around the bull all the other fields are arranged.


The Bullseye is a small circle in the centre of the dartboard that counts 50 points when hit.


Records the scored points, adds them up and shouts them out.


Notes down the points and subtracts them from the previous ones.

Double In

One has to start the round of Darts with a Double field so that all subsequently scored points are valid.

Double Out

To finish the game the last dart has to remain stuck in a Double field.


A play; it is a part of a set.

Master Out

One may finish the game with a Double or Triple field.


The number of sets which are carried out between teams or single players.

Nine dart finish

When a player reduces his points to zero with only nine darts.

Open Out

Any field may finish a game.


Consists of several plays (Legs).


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