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Centre half/centre back

The centre half’s job is to hinder the opposing center forward from getting possession of the ball.

Golden Goal

This expression means the first goal which leads to a decision.


Hooligans make use of big sport events to express their aggressive behaviour.

Knock-out round

In a knockout-round the loosing team of a match is immediately eliminated from the competition. The teams eliminate each other in this way until only two teams are left, these two fight for the title.

Penalty area

In this area the goalkeeper is allowed to catch the ball with his hands. If a foul happens in this area, a penalty kick might be the result.

Silver Goal

When the team which had the most goals after halftime, or at the end of the extra time, wins, the last goal is called the 'Silver Goal'.


A sweeper has no direct opponent. Depending on the situation the sweeper remains behind the defence but he can also build up the game from behind and become an offensive player.

Team captain

He is elected directly by his team mates or the coach and he represents the concerns of his team in discussions with the club, coach or referee.


A throwdown is given by the referee without any present fouls. The ball is neither out nor has a player committed a foul on the pitch.

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