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Aerodynamic Balance

The same amount of downforce on the centerline of the front wheel as on the centerline of the back wheel; this controls over or under- steering.

Aerodynamic Center of Gravity

The point, in the center of the car, where all the aerodynamic forces in the center of the car meet mainly for balance. 

Aerodynamic Efficiency

The desired ratio of downforce (for speed around the corners) to air resistance (for maximum speed). 

Active Suspension

An on- board computer, that was banned in 1993, that maintains the distance between the underside and the ground. 


A hole above the head of the driver that lets the necessary air get to the engine.


Wing or blade on the back of the car that increases downforce and therefore traction helping the car stay on the road at maximum speeds.

Anti- Lock Brake System (ABS)

Is forbidden in the Formula One; this is a system whereby the wheels are prevented from locking during hard braking.


The inside part of a corner.  


When the tires are riding on a film of water on a wet surface, which makes steering difficult.


A manufacturer of iron guardrails. 

Armco Guardrails

Guardrails along the racing track that prevent the cars from going into the crowd of spectators incase of an accident. 

Aspirated engine

Internal-combustion engines which only suck in the air by downward movements of the piston.


An oven that is used for manufacturing carbon fiber components produced in a vacuumed under high pressure and heat. 


Weight that is added to the car for better balance and to reach the minimum weight.  


This contraption directs the air stream along the chassis and to the side cooling system of the car. 


The Barkenboard, between the frontwheels and sidehubs, is attached to decrease the air stream and therefore increase the aerodynamics of the car. 


Little wings on the side of the care that redirect the air stream around the back tires and help increase acceleration. 


A sensor that documents the strength of the impact during an accident to be able to analyze the crash.

Blue Flag

A blue flag warns the driver that another car wants to over take it. Blue lights are also situated at the exit of the pit lane to warn the driver as he is exiting that another car is approaching.


Little bubbles on the surface of the wheels due to overheating because of the high air temperatures. 

Bottoming out

This occurs when the underside of the car touches the track. 


It is the car body of the Formula 1 car. Nowadays it consists of carbon fibre and it is able to absorb the energy resulting from a collision. On this chassis all other components of the car are fixed.


The downward pressure from aerodynamic characteristics of the car that keep the car on the road. 


Electronic acceleration pedal per sensor which replaces the usual acceleration cable in automobiles.


Most eliminations are due to mechanical reasons which means the driver can no longer complete the race. 


Maximum bonding between tyres and route. If the grip dwindles away the wheels start slipping through.


IndyCar is a special racing series in America. The IndyCar is the car which is driven in this series but it does not comply with the rules of the FIA.


A controlling space where all cars get controlled if they conform to rules.


It is the assignment of starting grids with the help of already driven laps.


Racing tyres without tread.

Spring valves

A particular mechanical system for closing the aspiration and exhaust valves.


It is the driving licence a driver needs for participating in F1-races.


A system that connects the wheels to the vehicle that cushions the shock of bumps and works to keep the wheels on the road to improve traction and control. 

Tear- Off Strip

These are strips on the visor that the driver can remove during a race incase his visor has become too dirty, to give him clear sight. 


The part of the tire that makes contact with the road. Since the introduction of a tire pattern, the tread has become smaller as well as the traction. 

Traction control

This is an electronic facility which prevents slipping through of tyres.

Turbo engine

At this engine type the intake air is pressed into the combustion chamber by a turbo-supercharger.

Valve regulation

A mechanism that regulates the gas cycle.


A cheap, light but poorly motorized alternative to the former powerful F1-racing cars.

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