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Air Turn

The ball is thrown in a way that changes its flight direction only slightly.

Core Throw

The player throws the ball while standing with at least one foot on the ground.

Hip Throw

A hip- throw means the player throws the ball from hipheight.


While he is dribbling, the player can run for an arbitrary period of time; before and after dribbling he is allowed to make three steps and the ball may only be held for three seconds.

Fall Throw

The player throws the ball while intentionally falling, either frontally or during a turn.

Fast Middle

The direct throw- in and playing of the ball by the opposition after a goal.


The player tries to heave the ball into the goal over the head of the goal keeper.

Jump Throw

This is the most important throwing technique, similar to the core throw, the difference being that the player is in the air for the duration of the move.

“Kempa” Trick

A field player passes the ball to one of his team members, who is just about to jump into the goal area. The player catches the ball in the air and then immediately tries to score a goal.

Smack Throw

See “Core Throw”


The ball must ricochet off the ground in such a way that its flight direction changes and the ball jumps past the goal keeper into the goal.

Stem Throw

See “Core Throw”

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