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„Dead Man Silent“

While a hit player is leaving the field, he is not allowed to talk to any of his team members.

Capture the flag

A general term; two teams play against each other, try to steal the other team’s flag and shoot at each other with paintballs.


This game variation is very popular in England; here large pipes are used for coverage.


Scenes from books or films or historic events are re-enacted in detail.


A general term for paintball games.


Artificial inflatable objects (geometrical figures like boxes, cylinders, letters etc...) are used for coverage, they are called bunkers.


Themes from books or films or historic events are used as background themes for games.


Is played in the forest, therefore no artificial objects are needed for coverage.


XBall is a relatively young form of paintball, where the participants usually risk more during the game, because the loss of the flag does not necessarily mean the game is lost.

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