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The fabric that covers the bed and banks of a pool table.

Ball in Hand

The ball can be placed anywhere on or within the defining lines of the D.

Ball in Play

The balls that have not yet been permanently potted, the balls that are still used.

Ball On

A ball that may legally be hit first by the cue ball.


The border of the bed of the pool table.


The area between the '''baulk line''' and the ''baulk cushion''.

Baulk Cushion

The cushion opposite the top cushion, bottom cushion.

Baulk Line

T straight line drawn at 29 inches (73,44cm) from the bottom cushion.


A player's total number of points earned by a series of consecutive pots within a single frame.

To break

The very first stroke of a frame which should break up the triangle of reds.


The player's hand or a mechanical device such as a cue rest used to support the shaft end of the cue stick while striking.

Bridge Hand

The player's hand supporting the shaft end of the cue while striking.


Billiard-variation; played on a table without pockets.

Crucible Curse

No first time ever World Champion has ever successfully defended his title the following year since the World Championship has been held at the Crucible.

Crucible Theatre

In Sheffield, England; venue of the Snooker World Championship since 1977.

To cue

To give the cue ball its initial impulse by striking it with the cue.

Cue Ball

The white ball - it is the only ball that may be touched with the cue.


A semicircular line of 11,5'' (29.2 cm) radius behind the baulk line.

Forced off the table

If a ball comes to rest anywhere other than on the bed of the snooker table itself or one of the pockets or is picked up by a player while still in play.


A single game of snooker (from the first stroke until the black has been permanently potted).

Free Ball

If a player is snookered after being fouled and decides that he will take his turn.

Hand chalk

Talcum powder applied to the bridge hand to decrease friction with the cue.

Jump Shot

If the cue ball jumps over another ball.

Maximum break

The highest possible break (147 points), achieved by potting the black after each red and potting all the colours.


If a player does not hit the ball on first and the referee decides that he did not try to the best of his abilities.


A hole cut into the table's bed, its cushion and rails into which the balls have to be ''potted''.

To pot

To place an object ball in one of the pockets by the impact of the cue ball or another object ball that has been hit by the cue ball.

Provisional Rankings

Dynamic ranking system, taking into account the Main Tour results of the previous as well as the current season.

Push Stroke

If the tip of the cue remains in contact with the cue ball after giving it its initial impulse.

To respot

To return a colour to its designated spot on the snooker table after it has been potted or left the surface of the table in a foul.


Any of the six designated points on the snooker table upon which the coloured balls have to be placed in the beginning of a frame and replaced after potting as long as there are red balls on the table.

Spot occupied

If a ball cannot be placed on its original spot without touching another ball.


The action of hitting the cue ball with the cue.


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