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Count out

A wrestler may be outside the ring for no longer as 10 seconds. When exceeding the time, the battle is terminated, whereas the touching of the ring is enough to stop the count out.


Wrestler that battle against each other for a longer period of time, are provided with attributes. “Face” is the “good” one.


“Heels” is a further attribute and is attributed to the “bad” one.

High-flying moves

High-flying moves are necessary for giving proof of the quickness and skilfulness by spinning the opponent through the air.


They do not know that wrestling is staged. Marks are usually young people that admire their stars.


A wrestler lies on top of the other one and presses his competitor’s shoulders onto the mat for three seconds.


Letting the opposing strikes seem as realistic and effective as possible.

Smart marks (smarks)

They are aware that wrestling is a staged show and evaluate battles after different criteria.


A wrestler holds the other in a position that puts stress on his body to weaken the opponent or force him to give up.


A wrestler can “tap out” by tapping a hand against the mat three times, telling the ring judge that he is giving up or when he is unconscious and his arm that is being raised by the ring judge falls onto the mat three times.

Transition holds

Holds that are intended to set up the opponent for another attack.


Some wrestlers have a status as “tweener” between “face” and “heels”.

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