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Created on: 7. September 2008
Last update on: 20. August 2013
Entry from 7. September 2008    

DOYLISM OF THE DAY: “The art of being a good guest is knowing when to leave.”

What a great feeling it must be to be 23 years old and on top of the world.  I had dinner last night with Michael Phelps, the 8 gold medal winner from the Olympics. What a nice kid! He had a bunch of his friends from home with him and they were the guests of the Palms Hotel and Casino. I got a call that he was an avid poker fan and wanted to meet me, Todd, and Hoyt Corkins. Jennifer Harman and her husband Marco were also there.  Todd and Big Mike, Joe Montana’s manager, eat all the time at the Nine Steakhouse at the Palms. Chef Barry is a good friend of Todd’s and Mike’s and put out an elegant meal.  We had seafood, salad, steak, chicken, lamb and vegetables. If you have never eaten there, you should try it.  

Phelps and some of his friends wanted books so I took Super System 1 and 2 to them and they asked all kinds of poker questions. Michael said all he wanted to do in life, was to eat, swim and play poker. We went up to his suite to hang out for a while. His suite had a basketball court, swimming pool, workout room, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. It must have been 15-20 thousand square feet, the nicest one I’ve ever seen.  

After I had a few beers, I faded away at about 3 in the morning. The party was going strong and I think Michael left two things off what he likes to do. He should add girls and partying. Why not? He deserves to celebrate. Imagine how hard he has to train to be the best swimmer in the world. They invited me back for dinner tonight, but I’m going to pass. Michael is trying to outdrink Todd and he is going to find out what defeat feels like. I asked Michael’s agent if he would like to come to the opening of The Real Deal at the Venetian. After I told him it would be in the middle of October, he said he would try to make it. There’s going to be lots of celebrities along with the 10 pros at the opening. I’m sure everyone will have a good time.

It looks like I’m going to have to go to the WSOP Europe after all. There have been lots of things already set up for me and I really want to be there to promote DoylesRoom. I think I’m supposed to play a heads up match with Annette Obrestad. I know that she is a good player, but it will be embarrassing to lose to an 18 year old girl. But if I do, I won’t have any excuse because I have almost completely recovered from the trip to Asia. The human body is an amazing thing; I thought it would be weeks before I felt good again.

Daniel N. - “How do you like my game?”
Caddy - “Very good sir, but personally, I prefer golf.”

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