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Most popular poker variations can be divided into three groups:



Poker blues

The game principles and the poker hand hierarchy remains more or less the same in the different variations, though according to which variant is played, the number of cards each player receives or whether or not the cards are concealed or open, for example, may change. The gaming portal BonusBonusBonus is a place to be for any poker player with high gambling aspirations and needs, offering pro reviews and great bonuses. We can fix up the best welcome bonuses. It is our tradition. It is our profession. It is our duty.


From Texas Hold'em to Badugi - List of Poker Games

Royal Flush Double Flop Double Flop
Jacks or Better
Jacks or Better
5 Card Stud5 Card StudRoyal Hold'em Royal Hold'em
Mississippi Stud
Mississippi Stud
7 Card Stud7 Card Stud Badugi Badugi2-7 Single Draw
2-7 Single Draw
7 Card Stud Hi/Lo7 Card Stud Hi/LoCrazy Pineapple Crazy Pineapple
Lowball Draw
Lowball Draw
OmahaOmaha2 to 7 Triple 2 to 7 Triple Pineapple
Omaha Hi/LoOmaha Hi/LoA to 5 Triple A to 5 Triple
Mixed Games
Mixed Games
5 Card Draw5 Card DrawRazz Razz   


William Hill Poker Community Card Games or Hold’em Poker

These variations of poker (among them are such classics like Texas Hold’em and Omaha) distinguish themselves not only in that every player receives their own cards (for example, either two or four so-called hole cards), but also that community cards are laid out on the table. With the help of these community cards, every player can then piece together their best possible hand. How many hole cards and how many community cards can or must be used for the final hand is typically predefined. As previously mentioned, the most popular community card poker games are Texas Hold’em (two hole cards and five community cards) and Omaha (four hole cards and five community cards are dealt). Although TH is currently the favorite game of many players, there are just a few that have really mastered this variation. Among them is Phil Hellmuth, an 11 time WSOP bracelet winner, every one of them from a game of Texas Hold’em (limit as well as pot limit and no limit). Other Community Card Variations: Royal Holdem, Pineapple & Crazy Pineapple, Manila, Let it Ride, Tic Tac Toe, Courchevel.


Draw variations are probably the oldest ones. The predecessor of the modern game that has spread around the world since the time of the Mississippi steamboats and cowboys in the Wild West is Five Card Draw. The principle behind draw games is that every player receives a certain number of concealed cards that he or she can entirely or partially exchange at one or more opportunities to improve his or her hand. In Five Card Draw – for a long time the most common variation of all – every player receives five cards, followed by a betting round, the possibility to exchange cards and then another round of betting.

pokerstars women first deposit bonus In Triple Draw, for example, there are a total of three possibilities to exchange cards. In draw poker variations, the position of the player is especially crucial because if and how many cards they exchange reveals a lot about their hand. Other Draw Variations: Badugi, 2 to 7 Triple Draw, A to 5 Triple Draw, Four-before, Q-Ball. Most of the above-mentioned variations are so-called lowball games.

This means that the goal of those games is not to win with the conventional best hand but rather with the worst, or to put it differently, the lowest hand possible. In various lowball (also known as just low) variations, there are many special rules such as, for example, the rule that an ace can only be counted as either high or low or whether or not the color of cards is taken into account. Would you like to get to know Badugi? The best place to do that is without a doubt bet365. You can find a Badugi table there at any time of day or night and when you register through BonusBonusBonus, you’ll receive a welcome bonus! You can also download the William Hill software right away and take advantage of the exclusive bonus with that as well. 


Variations such as Seven Card Stud and Razz are among the so-called stud poker games. Stud poker variations distinguish themselves in that players are dealt concealed as well as open cards and that the position of players can change from round to round. In the variation which was previously most common, Seven Card Stud, every player receives – as the name implies – seven cards, three of which are concealed and four are open. A round of betting takes place once the first three cards have been dealt. Then three more cards are dealt, followed by a betting round and then the last card, once again followed by a round of betting and subsequently the showdown. The player with the best five card hand wins. The variation Razz is also popular and works practically the same way as Seven Card Stud, only with the difference that in Razz, the “worst” or lowest possible hand is what wins. Other Stud Variations are: Australian Stud, Tropical/Caribbean Stud, Mississippi Stud, Mexican Stud.


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