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Rummy Cards 
Fans of poker and other card games who are looking
for a change of pace may enjoy the classic game of
Rummy – a true test of skill with an exciting element
of chance to add to the action.

As Rummy is classified as a skill game rather than a game of chance, many jurisdictions that restrict online gambling may allow online Rummy. Thanks to this, Rummy enjoys a large online fan base.

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Rummy is a group of card games in which players attempt to match similar cards together. The goal to be the first player to lay down all of your cards, which is done by forming “melds” and placing them on the table. There are two types of melds: sets and runs. A set is made up of three or more cards of the same rank and a run contains three or more cards in a sequence of the same suit.

7 of Diamonds 8 of Diamonds 9 of Diamonds Add card10 of Diamonds Queen of Hearts Queen of Clubs Queen of Diamonds Add cardQueen of Spades
An example of a Run   An example of a Set  

To find out more about the rules of Rummy, read our How to Play Rummy guide or check out our Rummy Glossary to get familiar with various Rummy terms.
Rummy Rules


Traditional Rummy
Traditional Rummy follows the standard
rules of forming and laying down melds.
As the most straightforward variation, it
lends itself well to new players.


Gin Rummy
Gin Rummy modifies the rules of traditional rummy by adding a twist at the end of the game regarding how the game is won.


Kalooki 40/51
In Kalooki Rummy rules determine when players may begin laying down their melds. Jokers are used as well and count as wildcards.


Oklahoma Rummy
Similar to Gin Rummy, Oklahoma Gin changes the rules for when a player may "knock" to signal the end of the game.


In the game of Rummy 500 players compete against each other over multiple rounds to be the first to attain a score of 500 points or above.


Turkish Rummy (Okey)
Turkish Rummy is the most popular rummy variation typically played with tiles. Changing wildcard tiles provide for nonstop excitement in this skill game.
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Rummy Tournaments
888Online Rummy players can find countless Rummy tournaments with just the click of a mouse. From freerolls, satellites and tournaments with guaranteed prize money, there is an online event to match every taste. Examples of such tournaments can be found at online Rummy providers such as RummyRoyal, where players compete for hundreds of dollars in prize money in the daily freerolls and thousands of dollars in guaranteed prize money are offered every week.

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