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Rummy Tournaments

Just like in poker and casino games, online tournaments are available for Rummy as well.

Rummy tournaments are similar to single Rummy games in that they typically require players to pay a buy-in to participate (except for freerolls, see below). Buy-ins range from small amounts to large sums, so everyone is able to find a tournament that fits their budget.

Without a doubt the most popular place to find Rummy tournaments online is RummyRoyal, which offers a variety of tournament types:

  • Single Table Tournaments – These are similar to regular Rummy games, with 2-4 players competing for a single prize pool at one table. Look for them under the “Single Table Tourney” tab.
  • Multi Table Tournaments – This kind of tournament is generally much larger than single table tournaments and lasts multiple rounds. Players compete against each other in individual games of 2-4 players, with losing players being eliminated after each round and the winners of each table going on to play against other winners of each table in subsequent rounds. The process is continued until an overall winner is determined.
  • Turbo – These tournaments have a quicker pace than normal and only allow each player 30 seconds between moves.
  • Guaranteed – Guaranteed tournaments have a set prize amount, regardless of the amount of players.
  • Royal Stars – These tournaments are specific to RummyRoyal and allow members to trade in their accumulated Royal Stars points for tournament cash.
  • Qualifiers – Tournaments whose winners qualify for other, larger events.
  • Beginners – Beginners tournaments designed especially for those new to online Rummy and online Rummy tournaments.Rummy Tournaments

By downloading and installing the free RummyRoyal software, you will be able to participate in any of the above-mentioned tournaments by looking under the tournament tab.


In addition to regular online Rummy tournaments, Rummy players can also take part in Rummy freerolls. These are similar to poker freerolls: players participate in real-money online Rummy games but do not have to pay a buy-in, meaning they have the chance to win real cash with zero risk!

A great place to find Rummy freerolls is RummyRoyal, where $ 10 and $ 25 freerolls are held daily (each at 13:00 GMT) and a $ 250 is offered every Friday at 19:30 GMT. That means players at RummyRoyal have a shot at nearly $ 500 a week without risking a single cent of their own money.


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