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Oklahoma GIn

Oklahoma Gin is a Rummy variation with many parallels to Gin Rummy. As in all Rummy games, the object is to be the first player to dispose of all your cards, which is done by creating so-called “melds” of either three or more cards of the same rank (known as a “set”) or three or more cards of sequential values of the same suit (called a “run”). The only differences to Gin Rummy regard the rules of when a player is allowed to “knock” to signal the end of a game.

RummyRoyal offers countless online Oklahoma Gin tables in both real-money and practice-play variations.


As is typical in Rummy, Oklahoma Gin requires at least two players but online games can be played with as many as four people.


Rummy RoyalThe game is played with a single deck of 52 cards without jokers. In two player games, each player receives ten cards; however, if three or four players participate, each is dealt just seven cards. The cards that remain are used to form the deck with one card left face up to start the discard pile.

Aces are always counted low in Oklahoma Gin, meaning they are assigned a value of one point. Other cards are assigned point values matching their face value, with Jacks, Queens and Kings all being counted at ten points each.

The starting card determines the amount of deadwood a player may have before knocking. A player’s deadwood value must be less than the value of the starting card.


Oklahoma Gin table

Gameplay in Oklahoma Gin follows the standard rules of traditional Rummy, with each turn beginning by the respective player drawing a card from either the stock or discard pile. They may then form melds (if they are able to) and finish their turn by laying one card face up on the discard pile.

The notion of “deadwood” applies in Oklahoma Gin games, which refers to unmatched cards in a player’s hand at the end of a game. Players must attempt to minimize or eliminate such cards as they lead to penalty points if another player is able to complete enough melds to lay down all of their cards first.

To end the game a player must “knock,” which happens when they place a card in the “knock area.” This can only be done if the player has formed melds with all but one of their cards (the last card being used to knock) or if the deadwood value of their remaining cards is less than the allowed amount, determined by the starting card at the beginning of the game.

In the case that a player is able to meld all but one of their cards, the player has achieved “Gin” and is declared the winner of the hand. Penalty points are assigned to other players based on their remaining deadwood. However, if the knocking player still has deadwood in their own hand, the other players are allowed to add their own cards to the knocking player’s melds. The remaining deadwood value of the non-knocking players is calculated and if another player has fewer deadwood points than the knocking player, they are said to win by “undercut.” In this case the player who knocked receives a 25 point penalty.


Rummy RoyalReal-money online Oklahoma Gin games require a buy-in, which is paid into a prize pool for the entire table. The winner of each game receives 75% of this prize money, with the rest being distributed among the remaining players depending on the amount of penalty points they have (as long as they have less than 50 penalty points than the winner).
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