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Poker Strategy Programs - High Quality Software for High Class Players

This strategic game that demands a high level of concentration from players. Psychological factors play an important role as well. Rival players sit across from you with rigid faces that seem baffling or without meaning for outsiders, who yet realized, that this is just a game. Poker pros recognize every change in body language other players make and know how to interpret these clues to read their opponents. This raises the question: how can you read other players? Not only is body language no longer a factor from behind a computer screen, but stress is noticeably higher due to the increased game speed.

It’s statistically proven that more hands are played during online games than in those at live tables, due in no small part to the fact that various breaks caused by shuffling and dealing cards or side conversations at live tables just don’t happen. Internet players that play live as well as at virtual tables confirm that you automatically have to react more quickly. Lastly, every action is made with just a click of the mouse and many players (unfortunately) lose connection to the money – experience shows that money is a lot more relaxed at virtual tables than in real casinos.

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Players often play at multiple tables at the same time. How many hands has the opponent played? How often has he raised pre-flop? How many flops, turns, rivers and showdowns has he seen and won or lost? Even those that play online regularly don’t find it easy to keep this information in mind and take it all into account in the little time available. That’s where strategy programs come into play, saving information about playing habits in a huge database and make them openly accessible to users. It’s by no means cheating, of course a user can’t see their fellow player’s cards. They merely provide statistical data (number of hands played and folded, number of flops, turns, rivers and showdowns etc) which make clear whether a player is aggressive or conservative.

This way you can adjust to the playing style of an opponent and even notice and correct mistakes in your own strategy. Accepted by nearly all virtual poker rooms and compatible with all common variations, strategy programs are designed for beginners as well as professionals.

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Poker strategy programs with special reviews presented by BonusBonusBonus. 

  • Holdem Indicator
  • Tournament Indicator
  • Calculatem Pro
  • Coach Rounder
  • Holdem Genius
  • Poker Crusher
  • Poker Office
  • Poker Tracker
  • Poker Wiz
  • SharkScope
  • Sit and Go Shark
  • Table Shark
  • Top Shark
  • Tournament Shark


Some of these amazing software products are free of charge, but some only for a limited period of time (usually 30 days) so you can try them out, see how well they fit into your playing style and if you notice significant improvements to your game and that they do help to increase your bankroll, you can purchase the products for an extended period for various prices. In the tough world of online poker any kind of help is welcomed, therefore we strongly advise you to use one or more of these excellent products. Don’t let other players have an edge over you; investing some of your money in these tools will surely pay off in a very short amount of time and you will end up earning thousands of dollars of them.


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